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9/9/14: The Whole 30 and I begin our 1st Journey


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Hello Everyone,


I will be officially starting my very first Whole 30 program on Tuesday!


I am a bit nervous, but also super excited to see what the month will bring.


I have always been relatively healthy and active (grew up playing softball, running track, and also played a bit of roller derby).  After giving birth to my first child, I've been doing great staying on track with fitness and eating healthy.


I've recently joined a new Crossfit gym (they don't open until October) and I would really love to start down that path with a truly healthy me. Hence, Whole 30.


I'm ready for a reset; ready to see what I can accomplish; ready to see results; and ready to reclaim my health. (Oh, and if I become slightly more bada$$ in the process, that would be awesome as well.)


This past week we (husband and I) started cutting out things like grains, lentils, sugar, etc. in preparation. (Hoping to minimize the 'I just got hit by a truck' effect) 


Today, we are hitting the grocery stores and getting our fridge/pantry ready to go.


Tomorrow we will be meal prepping machines so that we are ready to go on Tuesday!


Can't wait to get know many of you more of the next 30+ days!


Lets do this!!


Light and Love

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