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A Poem For Those Grappling With Food On The Road


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Hi all,

I'm doing my first Whole 30 with a group of friends, and we have a FaceBook private group to encourage each other as we go through it. One of my friends went to a concert last night and ended up with Panda Express as her only option for dinner. She lamented she may have gotten some "polluted" food there, despite her best efforts to ensure it followed the rules. I wrote her a poem and thought this community might enjoy it.


Before I sleep I must confess,

We ended up at Panda Express

They made fresh Veges instead of rice

Wasn't that, exceptionally nice?

But now the dilemma, a protein to add,

Chicken with green beans, not that bad?

But now I sit and take a look,

That sauce looks suspect in my book!

What to do?! I must eat soon!

So eat I do, scraping sauce off my spoon!

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