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Major headache Day 7 onwards

Ms Monny

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Days 1-6 were amazing. Energy, feeling great, happiness, no IBS symptoms, even got my period without any fuss......and then day 7 hit yesterday. Woke with a headache, and I know that if I wake with a headache there is nothing that will get rid of it and it will get worse, like it did. Day 8 today and I woke with a headache. OMG I feel so yuck.

Has anyone else gone through this, where the first week was amazing and then to be hit with major headaches that could possibly turn into migraines?

Even dreamt last night that someone gave me a Redskin lolly and I ate it and realised after what I did. LOL

I need help. I can't function with this. It is exactly like the symptoms I get when eating chocolate. Migraine and feeling sick.


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I have had headaches too. Here is what helped mine. Napping if you can. Sometime the detox can be strenuous on the body and you might just need a wee lie down, even 20 minutes would help, if you can that is. Green tea, a wonderful tea that really helps in flushing out those toxins. A little drop of lavender essential oil in a burner or a couple of drops into candles in the room where you read, or relax and also your bedroom. Proper sleep!! I think, well for me anyway, this is key to feeling good. Proper deep sleep of 8 hours plus will see me right! Loads and loads of water!

I think we take for granted by day 10 or so we are going to feel fantastic, Olympic athletes make room!! :-) but the reality is that we have eaten the wrong foods for our bodies for so long that it takes time, lots of time to readjust, to reset. It for me comes in fits and starts. But I know then it's working.

The headaches will go. Try the tea :-) it's yummy and quite comforting too and make sure you take time out to really enjoy the tea, relax and give time to yourself. We are after all retraining our bodies give the body a chance to catch up and it will. :-)

Oh and if you are feeling particularly nausea chop some fresh ginger into a cup of boiling water and sip, (when it cools of course lol) but this should ease the nausea for you.

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