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Brand New- Starting 9/8


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Hi, yall! 

My name is Lauren & I am brand new here.

A friend of mine recommended the Whole 30 to me over a year ago and I, to be honest, thought it was crap.

However, I have since done my own research, read "It starts with food" and well, needless to say here I am!

I have PCOS, Insulin resistance, and consequently- fertility issues.

I have lost weight with things like weight watchers but I am doing this for over all health.  I have poor skin and lots of other hormonal issues I am hoping to improve, as well as improve my chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby in the next few years.  

I live in Philadelphia, and I have a VERY busy lifestyle (55+hour full time job, 2 college courses, 2 pt business opportunities I am a part of from home that require time as well, in addition of course to family, friends, and my significant other) and I have to be honest- I am a little concerned with the preparation time and planning ahead this will require.  

I am all in, though! I am excited. I stocked the kitchen today for at least this coming week, and am preparing meals as I type this.

I look forward to "meeting" you all and hopefully sharing tips and support!

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