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IBS and fat intake


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I am currently on day 83 of a Whole95.  I decided to go this long because I have IBS-D and previous Whole30s just haven't been enough to change anything (though they have helped with acne and weight loss).  I have been following the FODMAPs restrictions the whole time, which has helped a bit, and about a month and a half ago started taking digestive enzymes, which also help make my stomach hurt less.  But I was still having an attack almost every single day, and it was severely affecting my life, so I continued to do research on my own to see what else I could change.  One thing that kept coming up (and that I kept trying to ignore!) was that too much fat could be a trigger for people with IBS.  Finally, about three weeks ago, I decided that I would indeed monitor and cut down on my fat intake -- and had relief almost overnight.  I'm still struggling with eating enough this way, and my IBS certainly isn't gone by any stretch of the imagination, but it's so much better it's kind of amazing.


I wanted to post to see if anyone else has experienced this.  I tried other things as well: I've had terrible reactions to fermented foods (except pickles), probiotics, and the AIP protocol really did nothing for me, except make me notice that maybe I have to watch it with the tomatoes and bell peppers a bit.  Anyone else?  Thanks!

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