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Day1 8th Sept 2014


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I just wanted to write my first post on the forum as I'm new to whole30 and am on day1!

I'm 35, from Sydney Australia and am doing the program with my husband. I think my biggest challenge is going to be giving up drinking alcohol!

In line with my Day0 preparation my focus during these 30 days is to:

- (nutrition) eat meals at the dining table with my hubby and not in front of the TV!

- (sleep) to turn off all electronic devices before going to bed

- (active recovery) stretch every morning upon waking and have fortnightly remedial massages

- (fun & play) try something different for exercise this month; I'm going to go trampolining at SkyZone in

Alexandria (Sydney)!!!

obviously I'll be sticking to the whole30 program guidelines so the rest of the omissions and recommendations are assumed.

I've been reading various forum threads and am pretty excited (& a little afraid) about what's to come!

The photo is of my lunch today; chicken dusted with herbed coconut flour, homemade paleo mayo and salad of kale, carrot, parsley, cranberries & almonds.

Follow me on Instagram @thisismelly & I occasionally blog at mellywilliams.com


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