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I'm so whole30, on day 7, I ...


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Took a Nap  :)


It finally hit me and I came home after a great church service, ate some left over curry chicken and sweet potato/zucchini s|mash; then took a 2.5 hour nap on my daybed.  It was wonderful!  This is the first time I'm aligned to any of the timeline symptoms -  day 7 I just want a nap.  I took 1 week to transition and did pretty well with just rotisserie chicken, veggies, and a few steaks.  But no major sugar cravings and carb withdrawal, YAY!  I'm super grateful for that, my workplace is a 'trap' for sweets and free snacks but so far so good!


Overall, I feel wonderful, I have more sustained all day energy which has significantly improved my social life, I FEEL like going to friends house and hanging out (w/ my packed meals).  The other amazing result in the very short period is no joint pain, I can't believe that instead of it being my weight (which yes, I still need to lose), it's really been inflammation.  I also think I have a lot more clarity and no brain fog!  Seems real and not phantom results; and to think I've been looking for a magic pill.


I am blending fresh fruit, almond butter and coconut milk - so maybe this is helping my sugar craving, not sure... I know blending isn't recommended, so let me know any thoughts on if it's 'bad' to blend frozen & fresh fruit w/ my almond butter and liquid...??

I use it as a snack.  I'm eating 3 whole meals a day and the blended fruit/almond butter and coconut or almond milk.


I'm enjoying most is cooking, who knew I had a passion for cooking and trying recipes!! So much fun, plating my meals and taking pics afterwards and posting them to Instagram @lola_ariana.  Hope you enjoy them, I certainly did.


Eat well, eat whole fellow whole30'ers!!! 


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By blending fruit and almond milk, you reduce the satiety signals that you would get from eating the same amount of fruit and almonds whole. The result is that you eat more than you otherwise would be satisfied with. And the fruit is a large dose of sugar which keeps cravings alive and puts pressure on your blood sugar levels. What we recommend instead is that you eat enough at your meals to not need a snack and that if you do get hungry between meals that you eat protein, fat, and some veggies to hold you over and not a dose of fruit sugar. 

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