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Welcome to my personal lamentation.  I mean this is my whole30 bloglog.  It's time to get my rear in gear, reset my neurotransmitters, kill that sugar dragon that I've been addicted to for 31 years, stop having such labile moods, stop being injured, and stop taking all these medications!!!




It's been a real tough year with all kinds of depressing and crazy personal stuff, and recently I became injured.  I hurt my low back or a nerve in my leg, we're not sure yet.  I've been a competitive athlete since I was 4 years old; doing gymnastics, volleyball, basketball growing up; now running marathons and competing in crossfit for the past few years.  Serious exercise has always been the one way I keep everything else together, without it, all the other life pieces fall apart.  So being injured is obviously a problem and has thrown a serious monkey wrench in my life because now I can't exercise, unless I want to risk being mamed for the rest of my life, and I'm not that kind of crazy yet.  


I've also been on a few medications for years:  pills for sleep, pills for wakeup, depression, pills for xyz.  I'm a shift worker so I've been justifying all these things for years.  I've also recently realized I'm crazy addicted to sugar.  I dump boatloads of stevia into everything!!!! I can't fall asleep naturally, I can't wake up naturally, I have crying fits sandwiched by hysterical laughing fits, and my reproductive hormones ain't been right for months now.  So it's time to address all this, and like the bosses say "It start's with food"  So here goes my Whole30 adventure!!!!  Lez do this.




The goal is to post once daily, with a picture of my meals, and a small synopsis of how I'm feeling.  Today is day 1.  I feel fine so far.  I'm pretty sure I've eaten enough fat to sustain me through winter.  More on this tomorrow, with pictures.


Petunia  :wub:  :wub:

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