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Clara's first W30 - tackling the migraine!


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Hi, just a quick run down first, I am currently doing my first whole30 in the hopes of ridding myself of constant headaches and migraines. I have figured out a lot of triggers in the last few years - artificial sweeteners, too much sugar, hormone levels, smells, bright lights, just to name a few. I have a terrible sugar addiciton, which obviously doesn't help my migraines. And i love carbs, which didn't help, because my blood sugar highs and lows would also cause migraines. So i am hoping my whole30 experience will get me off the carb train and help me kick the habit for good. And also hopefully sort out my hormone issues!

I have been preparing for my first w30 for the last 3 weeks and officially started on Friday 5 September.

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Day 1 - Friday 5 September

Meal 1: Slow cooked breakfast meatloaf with 2 fried eggs (fried in coconut oil), with fried cherry tomatoes, wilted spinach and half and avocado. I found this very filling, and very different to my usual cereal with milk and toast. A little difficult to eat, I always have breakfast (without it i feel sick and get a headache), but I don't feel like savoury very often first thing in the morning. Something I will get used to, soon I hope!

Mini meal: I had to have some macadamias at work ( i have breakfast quite early, at 6.30, and don't get home from work til 1.30 so i need something to tide me over, hoping this will change as my body gets used to not eating every 3 hours).

Meal 2: Nicoise Salad, made up of mixed lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, 2 hard boiled eggs (i actually pre boiled these in the morning to save time after my morning shift at work), steamed asparagus spears and tinned tuna packed in olive oil (mostly drained) and dressed with home made olive oil mayo with extra lemon juice.

Meal 3: Apple and herbal tea. Not a good choice, read below!

How I felt on day 1: I felt hungry by about 11am, had a slight headache (not sure if it was my migraine returning from the previous day, i had been having one all week on and off and had acupuncture at the naturopath the day before). After school pick up I had to lie down, my migraine was back and i was feeling really ill, close to vomiting. Not sure if this was sugar withdrawals, or the migraine, or a combination of both. Felt hot and sweaty, weak and tired. Slept on and off. Couldn't manage to eat dinner. I had made a red beef curry and planned to have that with cauliflower rice but I couldn't stomach it, so the apple and herbal tea seemed better than nothing.


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Day 2 - Saturday 6 September

Meal 1: Sweet and savoury blueberry tortilla. This was really good. Will definitely do again. Only has half a cup of blueberries but it went really well with the egg. Surprising.

Mini Meal: cashews at work to tide me over til lunch.

Meal 2: Leftover red beef curry with cauliflower rice. This was the leftovers from last night, that I made but didn't eat at dinner time. Really tasty. I used a different curry paste to normal (mae ploy), as my usual one contains non-compliant ingredients. It was a bit spicier than usual, but tasty.

Meal 3: "Best chicken you will ever eat" from well fed, and avocado salad from my Bikini Cookbooks, dressed with ranch dressing (made from the olive oil mayo base, recipe in well fed)

How I felt on day 2: I had a slight headache in the morning, it was definitely not a migraine because it was on top of my head, migraines i usually get on one side above my eye. I took some ibuprofen and it went away in 20 mins. brilliant!! this never happens with a migraine so this makes me happy haha... I was hungry at work by about 11.30 so i had some cashews, since i wouldn't have any lunch until 1.30. I felt a little hazy in the head, but was ok the rest of the day.


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Clara, I hear you when you say savory is not your first choice for breakfast! I'm right there with you. This is my Day 4 so I'm still learning and experimenting too. So far I really have liked 1 breakfast - a smallish sweet potato microwaved, then peeled and mashed with a little ghee and two fried eggs on top.  This will be on my breakfast menu a couple days each week.


Best wishes for improvement with the migranes!



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Day 3 - Sunday 7 September

Meal 1: 2 fried eggs (ghee used) and sweet potato hash (nom nom paleo) with 5 small strawberries.

Mini Meal: It was Father's Day (I'm in Australia), so we had our parents over for morning tea, they all had cakes, biscuits, chocolates and coffees made with milk (arghhhh my weakness right there on the table). I made coffee with coconut milk and snacked on some macadamias. Didn't touch any of the carby, sugary treats. Go me!!!

Meal 2: Crock pot chili with cauliflower rice

Meal 3: slow cooker roast lamb with baked sweet potato and clarified butter, cumin roasted carrots and steamed asparagus spears, plus pan juice gravy (thickened with arrowroot)

How I felt on day 3: I slept ok, although my mum pointed out i had really dark black bags under my eyes. She's nice like that!! haha... I think i may have put too much coconut milk in my coffee at morning tea, it made me feel a bit queasy. So i will just use 2 teaspoons from now on. Until i work up the courage to try bulletproof coffee! I'm worried it will upset my stomach as I can be a little sensitive that way, and end up running to the loo, IYKWIM...No sign of a headache at all, felt a little less hazy. I felt like my abdominal area was bigger than usual (nooo!!!) but i could just be imagining it. I feel like I am gaining weight because of the fat i am eating. But I am so used to using small amounts of fats and counting calories so I (hope) think its just in my mind. I am also finding i get full a lot faster and am having a little trouble eating the fat. I am perservering though because i know how important it is to get that thumb sized portion in with each meal.


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Day 4 - Monday 8 September

Meal 1: Scrambled eggs (in ghee), leftover crock pot chili, wilted spinach, fried cherry tomatoes and a handful of small strawberries, coffee with 2 tsp coconut milk. Much better than yesterdays coffee!!!

Mini meal: cashews at work

Meal 2: Leftover roast lamb, slow cooked sweet potato with clarified butter (there i go being organised again, i put this in the slow cooker before work in the morning), toasted slithered almonds with green beans (done in ghee). This was a very satisfying lunch. I love sweet potato.

Meal 3: Chicken and tomato braise (bikini cookbook) with organic kalamata olives, served on creamy garlicky cauliflower mash. so yummy. I could probably eat the cauli mash on its own. But i wouldn't of course! recipe in well fed.

How I felt on day 4: Pretty good! No headache, felt good when i woke in the morning, not quite spring out of bed just yet, but well rested. I think my work pants felt looser, which is a relief because i felt my abdo area was a bit podgy lol... maybe not so much. Felt a lot less hazy in the head, but still needed the nuts at work. I'm wondering if this will ever go away, maybe its just too long a break between meals? At dinner i felt quite full and couldn't finish my meal, i may have given myself too much of a serving, but it could also be that i'm not used to the fat.


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OMG i had a dream that i was eating a cheese and vegemite sandwich! My mother in law prepared it for me, I ate it, and then thought, wait! I wasn't supposed to have any of that! Damn! now i have to go back to day 1! I was so disappointed. Then I woke up and realised it was a dream. How funny. I didn't think i would have those dreams this early. Day 5 lol...

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Day 5 - Tuesday 9 September

Meal 1: 2 scrambled eggs with fried mushrooms, asparagus and a chia pod (chia seeds, coconut milk and mango puree). Chia pod isn't something i would usually eat, my husband bought it for me as a "treat" for after dinner, he didn't know part of the whole 30 is not having treats after dinner (especially since that is one of the major issues I am trying to kick). So since its compliant ingredients, I decided to use it as an extra protein source for breakfast. I wasn't a huge fan and probably wouldn't go out of my way to have one again.

Mini meal: Tuesdays will always be my struggle day. I start work at 12 until 5, then have to pick the kids up and by the time i get home its usually 6pm. So at 11am I decided to have some apple wedges with sunflower seed butter (no added sugars or additives). I was never in the habit of slathering peanut butter on anything before, so decided this would be an ok snack to keep me going a few more hours til i could have some lunch at work. Better than having lunch at 11am and then stuffing myself silly at 6 when i get home!

Meal 2: Leftover chicken and tomato braise and cauliflower mash. I had to eat in a hurry unfortunately because I only get a 15 minute tea break. I was able to hang out til 2pm to have this, which then kept me going til 7pm when dinner was ready. I normally eat at 5.30/6pm, with the kids, but not on tuesdays!

Meal 3: Crispy Italian chicken thighs (from stupid easy paleo website), sweet potato fries (nom nom paleo app) and mixed salad leaves and cherry tomatoes with citrus vinaigrette (nom nom paleo app). I was super organised (and a bit proud of myself) and had already mixed the spices for the chicken and sliced the fries ready to put in the oven.

How I felt on day 5: pretty good, no headache (brilliant!!!), had a busy rush at work when i was getting hungry and almost got to the point of sweating/shaking/not being able to think straight, but got to have my lunch and felt better within 10 mins. Had I eaten maybe 30 mins prior this wouldn't have happened. Maybe need more protein with breakfast tomorrow. My work pants are definitely looser. I usually always feel they are extremely tight on tuesday evenings after work, i used to get bloated, and couldn't wait to get home to get into my trackies/pjs, but today they felt just as comfy as in the morning. I did have a little bit of an upset tummy this morning, but that cleared up quickly enough if you get my drift hehe...Thinking feels a lot clearer, feeling like i can do more and organise myself without feeling all panicked and all over the place.

I am kinda hanging for this really good sleep that has been promised. I know its early days, but i have always been a restless sleeper. I would love to wake up feeling really refreshed, and not having woken every hour to turn over. I have done that for as long as i can remember. I must be patient.


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Day 6 - Wednesday 10 September

Meal 1: 3 egg omelette cooked in clarified butter, with homemade italian sausage, wilted spinach and side of strawberries.

Meal 2: leftover crispy italian chicken thigh with salad, hard boiled egg and avo with citrus dressing

Meal 3: shepherd's pie using sweet potato as topping (this was really delicious), 1 fresh medjool date and small handful of coconut chips

How I felt on day 6: didn't have a great sleep, had dreams about work all night and tossed and turned a lot. Today was the first day I get all the way through my shift at work without needing a snack. I hope this means I am starting to be fat adapted! I did feel quite tired from 2.30 to 3.30 but after that felt ok. No headache. Excellent :) pretty happy I have made it almost 1 week in. I don't feel like I miss any of the non compliant foods. No major cravings. I think I am slowly getting used to savoury for breakfast too. Not sure I will be able to keep eating eggs for the entire 30 days at breakfast though. Trying to be creative, but running out of ideas. I save my leftovers for lunches after work so I don't want those for breakfast.


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Hi Clara!  I was feeling the same way yesterday, but luckily my 3 year old son left some of his breakfast (a minute steak and mushrooms) so I popped them into a box with some raw carrots and ate them on my way to work in the car.  Yummy!  Might be an idea?  I find chicken a bit bleurghh at that time in the morning, but a thin little steak sliced into batons usually does the trick, and a few can easily be cooked in advance for those mornings in a rush.  I don't know what cut of meat they are sold as, but thinly sliced pieces of beef that are quite cheap.

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Hi Meljane,

yeah i think i might start doing something like that. I actually didn't have any meat with breakfast this morning and felt really hungry, so i think its very important to get it in there in meal 1! I started prepping for the W30 3 weeks ago, so i have actually got some pre-prepared meatloaf slices and breakfast sausage in my freezer, easy to defrost in the morning. I will definitely be adding those to my breakfasts from now on.


good on you for getting your 3 year old to eat steak and mushrooms at breakfast, mine wouldn't eat that any time of the day! he's such a fusspot. lol...

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Day 7 - Thursday 11 September

Meal 1: 2 soft boiled eggs, tomato and mushrooms fried in clarified butter, asparagus spears (cooked in the same pan), wilted spinach. I used the asparagus to dip into my eggs. I find asparagus a bit boring, so this made it more enjoyable! I actually had half an avocado out but decided it was enough so put it back in the fridge. In hindsight i think i needed the extra fat, because i got hungry by 10am.

Snack: I was really hungry when i got home from the greengrocer, so I had a couple of fresh dates and a handful of coconut chips.

Meal 2: Leftover Sheperd's pie from last night and a banana

Snack: I just felt so hungry today! I had to have something at about 3.30, i was starting to feel lightheaded and headachey, so I had some macadamias and some coconut chips.

Meal 3: Nom Nom Paleo Mexican braised beef, with a baked sweet potato and clarified butter, side of salad greens with citrus vinaigrette.

How I felt on day 7: woohoo i made it to one week!!! feeling pretty proud of myself for making it this far and i haven't felt like having any off plan foods at all. I also haven't had any real issues since my headache on day one, aside from a slight toilet issue on day 5. Other than that, i haven't even had any mood swings, cravings, headaches, haven't felt overly hungry, not felt the need to snack at night. Today was my day off work, so I think that is also something to do with me feeling hungry. Usually at work i only have access to whatever i take with me, and don't get the chance to leave my work to get it/eat it very often. at home i am easily distracted by the kitchen, especially because its right in the centre of the house! Sleep wise, still not fantastic, the little ones yelling out and waking me and i was awake for about an hour from 4am. I ended up falling asleep on the couch this afternoon and woke up with a bit of a headache. not a migraine though.


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Clara, today is my Day 7 too. Good for us! You are so good at documenting what you ate. This morning I experimented and was somewhat successful. I puréed a soft banana with 2 eggs and then cooked them in some coconut oil with a little cinnamon. I did forget the veggies, but I have any early lunch planned. Now what vegetable goes with that! It's not as good as the egg with sweet potato or butternut squash or kobocha squash, but it was a change.

Today I'm off to Austin to help my daughter with the grand babies. My planned meals are traveling with me. I need to plan EVERYTHING out.

Maybe I'll try to be good like Clara and post my meals.


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Hey Clara! Glad you are feeling good after your first week! I'm just skimming through and noticed you're feeling hungry between meals which indicates you could probably eat more especially at your first meal. Try adding a 3rd egg to your first meal and see how that goes. Keep up the good work!

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Hi Mary, congrats on making it this far! I was expecting it to be a huge struggle but i am really enjoying this journey. And definitely getting a bit more creative with my eggs haha...


Thanks for the tip Physibeth, I actually did just that with adding extra eggs this morning, before i had even read your post, I made a 4 egg frittata (in my previous calorie counting days this would never have happened! its so freeing no to have to count calories and go on hunger/fullness to judge)

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Day 8 - Friday 12 September

Meal 1: 2 poached eggs, slow cooked breakfast meatloaf, half an avocado, wilted spinach and capsicum cooked in clarified butter, with a coffee and 2 tsp coconut milk.

Meal 2: leftover mexican braised beef and sweet potato with clarified butter. Served alongside spinach and cucumber blitzed with a handful of strawberries in a cup of coconut water.

Meal 3: Sirloin steak seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder, cooked in clarified butter with mashed potato and spinach. I needed to use the coconut water up within 2 days so i whizzed it with a couple of sticks of watermelon and some lime juice. quite refreshing.

How i felt on day 8: I couldn't finish all the breakfast, i left about half of the avocado and most of the capsicum (i don't like capsicum on its own that much but thought i would try it again now that i have been a week into W30 to see if my tastes have changed..not yet! lol). I was at work longer than usual today, until 2pm and i got all the way without needing a snack (i did have a black coffee early on), so I think i got the breakfast amount pretty right today. I'm still playing around with how much i need. I had bought some coconut water from the green grocer so i decided to mix my spinach and some cucumber in it and a few strawberries. i have never been a green smoothie person, and was curious. it was ok, but an offputting colour lol...

my husband had a surprise for me and had organised the kids to go for a sleepover with the grandparents and we went to a Robbie Williams concert. We were going to have dinner out but I decided not to as we were pushing it for time. I decided it would be better to buy a couple of steaks and make it before we went rather than risk not being able to get in anywhere in the city before the concert and getting stuck at a take out joint with too many risky options. It ended up being a very satisfying dinner and kept me going all night (and we had a late-ish night for us, usually i'm in bed by 9.30, we didn't get home til almost midnight). All i had while we were out was a bottle of water. I was pretty happy with that!


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Day 9 - Saturday 13 September

Meal 1: Sweet and savoury blueberry tortilla. I had this last week and it was really yummy. I think i used too much cinnamon last week, as this weeks was better.

Meal 2: slow cooker chili (from the freezer, one of my preprepared meals) with a fried egg and a tomato, red onion and basil salsa dressed with avocado oil.

Meal 3: going to dinner tonight at a local italian restaurant. I have already checked the menu, and there is pretty much only one option - steak and steamed vege. so i will go with that! and a sparkling water. (or is it a club soda...not sure what you call that in the US lol...)

Ok so the menu was a bit different to what I saw online, the steak came with chips and salad. I didn't feel like salad and obviously no chippies... So I requested to change my sides to baked vege dressed with olive oil (this was one of the sides listed on the menu). It was really good, zucchini, eggplant, olives, mushrooms and capsicum. My steamed was a little overlooked but still tasty. I ordered a bottle of sparkling water. Then everyone decided to have a dessert and I ordered a pot of tea. Winning! My first w30 dining out experience was a success!

How I felt on day 9: pretty good! Feeling more energy now. I didn't get enough sleep because we went out to the concert so got to bed at midnight but still woke up at 6.20am which is my normal wake up time....even though the kids weren't here! :( but I did have to go to work. I stayed satiated today until I got home from work. I had a family birthday to go to, I decided it was safer to eat before I went. I was late to the party due to being at work so it wasn't too awkward avoiding foods. Although the host had considered my eating rules and provided some options for me, which was very thoughtful of her.

On a side note, a ladies issue - I have started a mid cycle bleed, nothing too over the top, but being on the pill it was a bit of a surprise. I started my current cycle (as in first day on pill) on the first day of w30 so it definitely wouldn't be due yet. Apparently my underlying hormones are trying to break through. I use the pill to control migraines (I take it 3 months at a time without a break on dr orders). I have been on it for almost 20 years and I don't like taking it (terrible at remembering) so if this sorts my hormones out I am hoping I might eventually be able to come off it.


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Day 10 - Sunday 14 September

Wow I am a third of the way through already!

Meal 1: 3 egg frittata with wilted spinach (quite a large handful, its all underneath), cherry tomatoes, red onion and about half a cup of chili scattered on top. Coffee with 2 spoons of coconut milk.

Coffee around 10.30 as we had my parents over for morning tea. I also nibbled on a few bits of coconut chips. Everyone else had cake and biscuits. Not me! lol...

Meal 2: Pad Thai from well fed. OMG this is freaking amazing! I don't know where to get spaghetti squash (or even if that is what we call it here) , so i had to use zucchini noodles (recipe also in well fed). I don't think i am the best at making them, they clumped together a lot. but once i put them in the pad thai and mixed them around a bit it all worked out. it looked fabulous. And i think i have found a new favourite way to cook a chicken thigh! I had some coconut water I needed to use up so I also whacked a small stick of watermelon in that with some lime juice and whizzed in the blender. Nice and refreshing poured over ice.

I ended up eating a small handful of macadamias around 3pm. I think i may have needed a bit more protein with lunch. I must remember to hard boil some eggs so i have them handy and don't just snack on nuts when i get in a pickle.

Meal 3: Chicken curry (i was planning thai yellow curry but couldn't find a compliant yellow curry paste), served on cauliflower rice pilaf (from well fed).

How I felt on day 10: So happy to have made it to day 10, trouble free aside from day one, oh and I still have my lady issue, not sure what is going to happen there. Will be interesting to discuss with my naturopath. I had a good sleep last night. I don't remember tossing and turning, and i woke around 6am. No headaches. I haven't really been craving anything in particular. Still struggling with the savoury breakfast. I don't mind the eggs so much now, and even getting used to meat, but the vegetable side of things i have always found hard. I think thats why i like wilted spinach - its huge to start with then wilts down to about 3 mouthfuls so its over with a lot faster! hopefully i will learn to like them soon. I enjoyed the cauliflower pilaf, maybe i just have to add more spices and herbs to them and make them more interesting. its just so fiddly!


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Day 11 - Monday 15 September

Meal 1: 2 eggs fried in clarified butter, approx half a cup of chili, two big handfuls of spinach wilted in the pan after the eggs were cooked and a small banana; coffee with coconut milk

Meal 2: 3 eggs scrambled with some sauteed mushrooms and sardines heated in the pan to crisp them up. One big handful of spinach, half a teeny tiny banana, half a teeny tiny apple and half an orange, whizzed in the nutribullet with water. My first green smoothie. I find this a much easier way to eat spinach! lol...

Meal 3: chicken wings scarpariello (from stupideasypaleo) served with baked pumpkin and potato, and brocccoli tossed in a bit of ghee and dried chives (from well fed 2)

How I felt on day 11: Pretty good today! I didn't get home for lunch until just before 2, and it was well after before i ate it, i was starting to feel a little skittish by then. But not anywhere near as bad as i used to get when coming down from a sugar high (most days if i didn't eat every three hours!) major imrpovement here!! I decided to get a nutribullet, and start having green smoothies. I just can't eat enough green vege, so figured this would help. I have been following the rule of having a piece of fruit with a meal rather than as a snack (only meal 1 and 2), so i can just add that to the smoothie. I also found a great coconut water that is produced locally and contains nothing nasty in it, so i will use that occasionally too, otherwise i am just using water for the liquid. No headache or sign of one, brilliant! Definitely feeling a lot more clear headed. I haven't had the feeling of wanting to quit, or that it is all just too hard. I am actually finding it really easy!


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Day 12 - Tuesday 16 September

Meal 1: 3 eggs scrambled in clarified butter, half a cup approx of chilli, cherry tomatoes, spinach, half a banana and half a small apple (shared with the kids). Im starting to enjoy my eggs more now.

Meal 2: leftovers - last nights chicken and roast veg with broccoli. I have a long day at work today so I whizzed some spinach, half an avocado a few almonds and a few slices of apple with water in the nutribullet.

Snack: I ended up having a banana for a snack at about 4pm. Probably not the wisest choice but it was all I had

Meal 3: cherry chicken (nom nom paleo) with mashed sweet potato, spinach and sugar snap peas sautéed in garlic and clarified butter

How I felt on day 12: I forgot to make a coffee with breakfast! I ended up getting a headache, I think from coffee withdrawal! It doesn't take me long lol... Aside. From the headache, feeling good. I am craving bacon! Instead of all the things I can't have... Only thing is I can't find any compliant bacon anywhere near me and I'm not willing to travel crazy distances so I will just have to put up withit hehe. I was told that my skin is glowing today! I am feeling a little tired this evening, I think I will have an early night and hopefully my headache will go away.

One more thing... Tried bulletproof coffee. I used 1tsp of each coconut oil and clarified butter. Not a fan! I poured it down the sink. I think it was the taste of the coconut. Maybe if I used a different MCT it might not be so bad. Also didn't like the greasy mouthfeel much. It was blended well (I used the nutribullet) so I think it's just not for me. I'll stick to using the canned coconut milk!

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Day 13 - Wednesday 17 September

Meal 1: today's breakfast got me all the way to 1pm without even thinking about food! 2 eggs fried in clarified butter, italian breakfast sausage, cherry tomatoes and basil leaves. Nutriblast of spinach, carrot, lemon wedge, apple and chia seeds. Coffee with coconut milk.

Meal 2: leftover cherry chicken with salad and sunshine sauce and 2 fried eggs

Meal 3: paleo bolognaise with zucchini fettuccine

How I felt on day 13: really good all day today. Didn't feel hungry at all until meal time. I think I am getting the right balance. I did feel a bit bloated in the afternoon. Slept really well last night, couldn't remember tossing and turning. I went to bed at 9pm last night because I had a little bit of a headache (not a migraine) and when I woke this morning it was gone, and I didn't notice it during the night. Complete opposite of my migraines. I think I didn't drink enough water yesterday. I woke up quite early because I went to bed early.

Food wise I am starting to struggle with recipes. Just lacking a bit of inspiration I think. So many eggs!!! I did have another go at mayo today and it turned out better, I think because I let the egg come to room temperature and I used extra light tasting olive oil


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Day 14 - Thursday 18 September


Meal 1: 3 eggs scrambled in clarified butter, italian breakfast sausage, coffee with coconut milk, nutriblast with spinach, raspberries, half a banana, hazelnuts and raw cacao powder, with water.


Meal 2: Salad greens, 2 hard boiled eggs, homemade mayo, leftover roasted lamb (from freezer), nutriblast with spinach, carrot, kiwi fruit, hazelnuts and water.


Meal 3: Nom nom paleo roast chicken and gravy (made with the leeks and chicken stock from the slow cooker juices), roasted potato, pumpkin and carrots, steamed sugar snap peas.


How I felt on day 14: yay! 2 weeks! i can't believe I'm halfway through already. It has gone really quickly. I am enjoying the food, I don't feel like I am missing anything. Aside from getting a little tired of eggs, but i have been researching a few other options to try in the next week to break it up a bit. Felt pretty energetic today, until i had a herbal tea (camomile, fennel, liquorice root, lemon balm and a few other things - its supposed to be a night time one) and by 8.30 i started falling asleep on the couch. I'm curious to know if that would have happened without the tea? will have to experiment with that. I slept well though, had an early night and only woke up once. Had some strange dreams, but can't really remember them now, just that i thought they were odd!

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Days 15 -17 Friday, Saturday, Sunday 19th - 21 September


I didn't get around to doing my food log, and didn't take pictures of the meals, so I am a bit hazy on what I ate these days. However, on friday night i went to a make up demonstration at a friends house and there was a lot of food there that could have tempted me, but i didn't touch any of it! pretty pleased with myself! There were some crackers that another guest had made, she told me all the ingredients and it was made up of seeds, garlic, water and chia holding it together, so completely compliant. She also made some basil and pinenut pesto that didn't have any cheese, and used olive oil, so i had some of that too. And some carrot and celery sticks. And i drank water! so i was very well behaved! not that i felt like cheating.


On saturday it was my brother in law's birthday so we went to their house and I was good there too, I took some sparkling water with me and some lemon slices and thats all I had while i was there. They were having some bbq chicken and bread rolls for dinner but we ended up leaving before that happened so I just had leftover roast chicken we had in the fridge with some roasted vege and broccoli.


Sunday my son ended up with gastro and we had to spend the whole day indoors because of the weather, but I was pretty good all day and avoided snacking. I'm definitely not feeling hungry between meals anymore, I get hungry around 1pm, and usually by around 6pm, then never feel hungry after dinner. I am happy just to have a herbal tea while I wind down before bed.

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Day 18 - Monday 22 September


Meal 1: 2 eggs fried in clarified butter, italian sausage, nutriblast of spinach, apple, 1/4 lemon wedge, chia seeds, 2 strawberries and coconut water. Coffee with coconut milk


Meal 2: leftover cracklin'chicken from nom nom paleo, roasted vege, nutriblast of kale, kiwi, ginger, hazelnuts


Meal 3: sirloin steak with steamed broccoli, sweet potato coins, mashed cauliflower from well fed, 2 fresh dates


How I felt on day 18: getting to my meals is getting easier and easier, i love that i don't get that erratic feeling anymore if i don't eat every three hours. i actually wasn't all that hungry for dinner today though. I do feel like i may have lost some weight. definitely lost some centimetres. I'm still craving bacon. I'm starting to miss milk in my coffee. I can drink it black but i just prefer it with milk. I do still feel like i need my second coffee in the morning though, around 10am. Someone bought me a coffee at work today that had milk (cappucino), of course i didn't drink it, i would have really enjoyed it though! but i gave it to someone else. I didn't sleep the best last night - i had a bit of a headache before i went to bed from reading my iphone (naughty!) and still had it this morning. i ended up taking a couple of nurofen and it was gone within 20 mins. so much better than a 2 day migraine! I will be having an early night tonight to make up for my rubbish sleep last night.

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