Red Mill Coconut Flour


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Red Mill coconut flour is gritty, almost like corn meal.  It didn't work in crab cakes or in a ghee roux.  (The crab cakes are quarter cup of flour to the pound of crabmeat to make six large ones, so they're not doughnuts.)


Is there a fine grind coconut flour?  I have Red Mill finely ground almond flour.  Should I try arrowroot?

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Did you sift the coconut before you used it? I made some zucchini fritters with it (same brand) and the recipe recommended sifting and it worked perfectly.

After the sifting the coconut powder is really fine and not so gritting and clumpy. 


Good luck!

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I'm new to Whole30, but I love to cook and am really excited about making my own Whole30 creations.  However, I have never used Almond Flour before and was wondering if I could just simply swap it out for flour in any receipe OR if it was more for certain specific foods.  Any suggestions are appreciated.




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