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Starting first Whole30!


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On day 8 and feeling fine! I was eating mostly Paleo before so I didn't expect any big "detox" symptoms or anything. I do crave sugar a little once in a while, but it's not overwhelming so I can ignore it easy enough. I'm breast feeding and working out so hopefully I'm eating enough. Milk supply seems to be ok. I do seem to get a little bit light headed when I do high intensity workouts (like boot camp for an hour). I've just been eating a hard boiled egg or two pre-workout. Maybe that's not enough? 

  Also, my husband is doing it as well and he says he feels hungry all the time. He is having pre-workout eggs as well, some kind egg/meat thing (like fritatta) with sweet potatoes or squash post workout, then lunch, then a snack of nuts or something in the afternoon, then dinner. Do you think he needs more fat at meals or in between meals to curb the constant hunger? 

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