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anyone on BC?


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I recently had the mirena fitted (29/8) however I have not stopped bleeding and I have really bad back pain and cramps. I am considering going back on the pill instead (gulp), has anyone been in a similar situation? I understand the pill depletes certain nutrients?

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If your bleeding is really heavy, I would recommend calling your doctor and maybe going in to see them. Bleeding is normal when you first get your mirena while your body adjusts. Some people bleed for a few months off and on, but I don't think it should be REALLY heavy bleeding. In my experience, I had my mirena put in while on my period and it stopped for a few days and then had two of the HEAVIEST periods of my life. I'm talking clots, and just tons of blood. (sorry for the graphic info), when I went back for my 6 week checkup ultrasound, turns out the mirena was in my cervix and not in my uterus. Turns out it was the doctor's error and not my body pushing it out so I went to another doctor and had another one put in and all is fine. I had it put in on 7/23 and pretty much had a period and then spotting for a few weeks straight afterwards. So bleeding is normal, but not a  LOT. And as far as I understand the back pain and cramps are normal, but if they're really bad I would say it's worth it to call your doctor, because it could very well be your body pushing it out.


Just some advice based on my experience. Good luck, and I hope you feel better!

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I am on an IUD as well but I have Skyla, not Mirena (Skyla is smaller and more suited for women who haven't had children). I never had heavy bleeding. I definitely had spotting when they put it in and I DEFINITELY had cramps but they were tolerable. Cramping and back pain lasted about 2 weeks for me and were more just annoying than painful. I'd definitely talk to your doctor. They'll need to check and make sure it's still in the right spot. If you haven't had children, I'd recommend looking into Skyla. If you haven't had kids and your using the Mirena it may just not fit well and be digging into your uterine walls making you uncomfortable and causing bleeding.


Good luck! Definitely call your doctor!

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