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I started my first Whole30 on 9/2/14 and have made it through the first week in tact. I guess because I wasn't really eating that "dirty" before I started I did not suffer too much the first few days. I had already given up caffeine, been avoiding gluten and dairy and eating tons of veggies since 2013. I was a vegetarian/pescetarian since 2011 but started paleo at the beginning of this summer. OMG that first burger was amazing! The only problem for me was the summer I was really living it up. A few crackers and cheese, ice cream, cocktails, you get the idea. I was ready to get back to a structured eating regimen. And then I found Whole30. I've been tracking my meals on Instagram and following others to get recipe ideas. I love to cook and food shop so I am loving exploring new foods and tastes. I am also a veggie geek. I will literally plan a road trip around farmers markets. I have to restrain myself from buying too many veggies because I'm afraid I won't have time to eat them all before they spoil.

One thing that I am struggling with is the weighing part. I was weighing my self practically every day. I have a Withings electronic scale that tracks my weight. When I started I was at the highest I had been for over one year. Not by much and still under what I thought was my set point weight for years. I am willing to wait to see what the scale says on October 2. I think I will put it away in a closet and it won't be so tempting to step on it.

That's all for now. I will try to update every few days. Day 8 is over, bring on week 2!

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