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Cellulite? - Day 10


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It is possible that I am a nut case and am over analyzing; however it 'seems' as though the cellulite on my legs/thighs/but is looking worse. Is that normal? Overall my body composition is feeling good, less bloated, clothes fit better so far, etc. I am still dragging and waiting on the energy to kick in. Just curious to know if anyone else is experiencing this and if I can expect it to get worse or better with time. :-(

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Where do you recommend I get the beef bones for this?? Can you just purchase bones from the store?

I ordered a bag of beef bones from the farm where I get my eggs. If there is a local farmer you can get grass fed beef from, ask him about a bag of bones. I think it cost me like $10 for the bag. I can't wait to make bone broth!

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I get my bones from a butcher that only uses grass-fed or grass-finished beef. It's about 10 or 11 dollars for 3.5 lbs. There's a health food store that sells them, too. Only problem, they don't always have them in stock. The health food store tends to be a little cheaper.

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