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not 100% but I'm still thrilled!


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:) :) :) This was my first W30; and it has made a huge difference to me despite a couple of accidental mouthfuls of non compliant stuff, and I confess on day 28 one deliberate offence.   I have however reaped many benefits and learned many things.  I have got rid of lots of inflammation, and feel much better.  IBS type symptoms have improved amazingly, worth it just for this!  I'm in no hurry to add anything back, so I may just do another 30 right away and see if I can get it 100% right this time.  I owe huge thanks to Dallas and Melissa for making this accessible to everyone, and to my on-line buddies who supported me!  I feel 10 years younger :). If I do another 5 x 30 and get the same results, I'll be a new-born, ha-ha!   I wasn't a sugar junkie but a bread addict, I never thought I could go 30 days without grabbing a sandwich!  I have stopped grazing and eat 'properly' at last.   Even though I work shifts, it has not been difficult to fit in my life because I am no longer hungry all the time.   I feel that I am now able to say I am reducing my chance of  suffering lifestyle induced illness, that is very empowering!    If you are reading this and wondering whether or not to give it a go, Please try it!   There are so many resources here to help, and it may be life changing for you, too! 

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