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Benign Breast Cysts (not fibrocystic)


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My husband and I just started the Whole 30 4 days ago. Recently, I have Breast Cysts and painful/sensitive breast especially at onset of menstrual cycle. My nutritionist supports the Whole 30, but recommends taking some organic soy foods several days of the week along with a high intake of fruit and vegetables, she said this possibly decreases cellular proliferation in the breast tissue... Do any of you have any insight into Breast Cysts and the whole30? TIA

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There are a variety of schools of thought on this topic, and the whole30 comes down on the side of not recommending soy foods.


If you fee eating soy is a medical necessity for you, then you will not be able to complete the whole30. I know of at least one person on the forum who made their own plan, similar to the whole30 except including soy, and it certainly was healthier than many other ways that she could have been eating. That said, I am of the mindset that it works better to fully embrace the parameters of whatever you are trying to do. Rather than second-guessing and making exceptions, take on the rules and recommendations completely and evaluate once the 30 days are up.


If my n=1 experience is useful for you, I find my hormones are in better balance post-whole30 than they ever were when I included grains/dairy/ and soy in my diet x 1000

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I took soy OUT of my diet when my doctor told me I had some cysts, and it didn't change one way or the other. Avoiding caffeine is supposed to help, but since they're benign cysts and they only hurt a few days a month, I decided I'd rather have lumpy boobs and my coffee. My doctor has concurred with that decision.


Interestingly, my chocolate consumption has gone WAY down in the last year (straight chocolate is a migraine trigger for me, and I'd rather have chocolate Haagen Dazs than a dark chocolate bar anyway), and I've found my breasts hurt a lot less often. Could be the caffeine, could be the soy, could be the chocolate itself. Maybe even the sugar (also WAY, WAY down). Could even be that my fiance just isn't approaching them as enthusiastically during sore days. Regardless, I personally haven't found any differences in the size of my cysts or in breast tenderness with soy vs no soy.

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