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Beef! It's what's for dinner


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I just wanted to post I put in an order for a whole beef yesterday. I've been wanting to for some time but was intimidated by the cost and process. We found a local guy who was very informative and raises his cattle they way they are supposed to be raised. Also, now is the time to buy if anyone plans to do so because he was upfront and informed me that beef prices are about to go "through the roof." Cattle population continues to dwindle due to demand and with the drought it is making it much worse. Myself and a couple of friends went in on the whole (there is no way my husband I and need a whole. We will get a 1/4) and it was just over $4/lb so after processing and such it will be around $1660 which is still much cheaper than even the "bad" stuff.

Anyway, I'm extremely excited and can't wait! We won't get the beef until early November but I'm okay with waiting. I'm currently looking for pork and chickens as well. Wish me luck!

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