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Newly discovered allergy


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Hi All,


I had an interesting allergic reaction this week (the last week of my first whole 30), and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar.


A few days ago, I ate some raw cashews (not very many, probably less than a cupped palm, and my hands are not large), and I noticed I was feeling oddly, but not alarmingly, itchy in a few spots as I was heading to bed that night. I didn't think much of it because I've been eating cashew butter from time to time during this whole 30 (it's compliant, just dry roasted cashews and a little bit of salt). So I wake up the next day and notice that I have hives on the underside of both of my arms. They weren't itchy and were not numerous enough to concern me so I tucked some benadryl in my purse just in case and headed off to work. It turned into a very long work day (14 hours) and when I got home I was feeling pretty crappy and was not thrilled to learn that I now had copious hives on my legs as well.


I sat down and thought about the food that I had eaten the day before, and frankly the week before, and the only thing out of the ordinary that hadn't been prominent during my whole 30 was the raw cashews.


I'm assuming I'm not the first person to discover an allergy during a whole 30, but I did find it interesting that I seem to be able to eat them when they are cooked.


Anyone else have a similar experience?

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Tree nuts are one of the top allergens and most common food sensitivities.


Tree nuts:



On the Auto Immune Protocol, where you exclude even more foods than W30 to see what you are sensitive to, nuts are a biggie. 

See this:



I know others who get itchy whenever they eat nuts. Sounds like you should avoid raw cashews in future and tread carefully with other tree nuts. Maybe do a full nut elimination and reintro. Good luck!

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You may have always had an allergy and it was hidden by other foods you were eating. I wasn't aware I had ANY allergies at all until I was 27. I went to an allergist on the advice of my doctor (I thought I was having clinical depression because I was always so exhausted, and instead of sending me to a therapist, she sent me to an allergist). Turned out that I am allergic to: cats, dust, mold, dust mites, every pollen from every tree, grass, and weed that grow in the southeast US (where I live), peanuts, walnuts, and pecans. So...the fact that I was eating a peanut butter sandwich for lunch daily and feeling like doody the rest of the day was no longer a shock (and sadly the peanut allergy progressed into an anaphylactic reaction, so I don't even have the option of "well, i'll just eat it and feel bad for a few days" mindset")


So - listen to your body! It is CLEARLY telling you what it doesn't like to have in it.

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Just went through the same thing!! Day 8 of my whole30 I woke up with terrible hives on my arms (underside) as well as on my thighs and feet. I've never been allergic to anything and never had a reaction like that. Closest thing I've ever had was poison ivy once. Yuck! I had eaten cashews and nut butter a few times during Day 1-7, and on Day 7 specifically I ate a ton of that nut butter (brazil nuts, cashews, coconut). So I'm pretty sure that's what did it for my reaction on Day 8. The hives went away within a few days and I've avoided cashews and the nut butter since.


I ate some pistachios on Day 12 and Day 15, and no hives, but both times I got a terrible headache and nausea!


Will I never safely eat nuts again?? :( SO SAD



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