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Whole30 and fast learning to navigate my social life


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I'm on day6 of my first whole30. I spent this past week completely cocooned at home; I cancelled dinner out with friends and I woke before dawn to get my workout in and make sure I was fully prepared with food for work so I wouldn't have to brave the food court.

When someone announced that there were leftover sandwiches and pastries in the kitchen at work I just put my headphones in so I wouldn't have to listen to the ooohs and mmmmms of my fellow colleagues munching through my grain-temptations. BUT last night I had a super win!

I went to a concert (Kanye in Sydney who was epic!) and stayed SOBER and didn't eat any 'concert venue food', I drank water the whole time AND still had so much fun! Instead of having a dodgy midnight kebab on the way home, we got home and cooked up a quick fry-up of sweet potato, chilli, nitrate-free ham-off-the-bone, kale & eggs. It was a thousand times better than a late night kebab and this morning I don't have a hangover! Today I'm planning a trip to the movies with my girlfriends armed with a punnet of blueberries and some beef jerky.

I thought I would have to avoid all social situations for the month, but I'm fast learning that it is possible to still have a social life with some planning!

I'm still going home early on Fridays so that I don't get tempted for Friday After Work Drinks. I know my limits!!!

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