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Roast beef in the crock pot


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I just bought a big enough crock pot to actually do a roast in it, so I did a riff on NomNomPaleo's slow cooker chicken:



I started by doing the onions/garlic/tomato paste as indicated in the recipe.  Once I put that in the crock pot I put the roast in my cast iron skillet (still with the drippings from the veggies in it) and seasoned it, and seared it on all sides (well, not the ends but I was too impatient).  Because I was using a leaner roast, I added about 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil to the pan too.  Then I put it in the crock pot over the veggies. I surrounded that with roughly chopped carrot chunks, since I love carrots roasted with roast beef.  Then I put about a cup of water (didn't have any broth handy) in the cast iron skillet and deglazed the pan - then put that liquid into the crock pot.  Set it on low and left it for about 15 hours.


When I was ready to take it out, I took out the meat and most of the carrots, leaving a few carrots behind.  I put the immersion blender into the crock pot and blended up the liquid, onions/garlic/tomato paste, and remaining carrots into a beautiful gravy.


Because I'm planning to eat from this roast for a few days, I shredded the meat and mixed it with the gravy to store it in the fridge.  I put the carrots separate.


It was so good it was hard to stop eating it.  Incredibly creamy, almost buttery.


I will be doing this again unless I eat it all in one day and have to vote it off the island as a food with no brakes.  :lol:



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