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Hemp Seed milk morning smoothie, AIP compliant?


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Hi Folks,


My partner and I are 20 days in and have been following the Whole30 AIP protocols. Quite a challenge! We've found breakfast the most challenging, and also just getting enough food into ourselves, especially with the costs of buying organic and free range meats. Lots of low energy verging on exhaustion but also feeling deep down much much better and have lots a load of body fat and are both back to gym and yoga. 


We cam up with this breakfast smoothie to alternate with our smoked haddock, spinach and sweet potato breakfasts, please let us know if it is AIP compliant, as far as we can see it is:


1 litre freshly made organic hemp seed milk (organic seed, soaked overnight, blended and sieved to remove shell)

1/2 can organic coconut milk (coconuts and guar gum)

2 organic bananas.

1 Avocado.

3 teaspoons raw organic cacao powder.

dusting of cinnamon powder.


Smells good, tasted good, feels good. Please advise. Greatly appreciated.


x Drew


Hemp seed nutrition profile attached.


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Hey Drew, I'm not an expert but I thought cacao, nuts and seeds were not AIP compliant. Also coconut is iffy? I thought perhaps only coconut oil is AIP.

Smoothies aren't whole30 compliant.

AIP breakfasts are easy. Ground meat and vegetable hashes, ground or chopped cooked meat added to puréed soups... ( carrot, sweet potato, squash, zucchini) plus any leftovers from dinner make great breakfasts.

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