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Day 17 and totally meh

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Good day to all!


I am on Day 17. 


The good:

I have not eaten any off-plan foods. 
I have not missed grains or dairy much at all, and the only thing I have craved is an end-of-the day cocktail or beer a couple of times.

I have made a tremendous effort to plan ahead, and have been eating wonderful meals full of delicious protein, fat, and tons of veggies.  Even though I ate pretty healthily before, I see how much room for more veg there was every day.


The bad:

I have snacked on nuts, seeds, fresh and dried fruit.

My meals have also probably been bigger than the template meals.

I have definitely learned I have quite a sugar addiction, which I've been feeding with fruit. I know I need to cut that out.

I'm not drinking enough water.

I'm constipated--a problem I've never had in my life.  I really don't understand it, since I'm eating huge piles of vegetables every day.

I am not getting enough sleep.  I work full time and have two young kids, including a still-nursing 7-month-old, so it's simply not possible for me to get more than six hours of sleep a night, even though I crave more.


I was really hoping by now I would be experiencing looser clothes, tons of energy, and an end to the awful post-partum hair loss I've been experiencing.


All in all, I haven't done anything that would necessitate starting over, but I really feel like I've made a lackluster showing up to this point.  Is it still possible that at Day 31 I will have looser pants, thick shiny hair, and tiger blood coursing through my veins?

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As has been noted here and there, depending on how long your (our) food habits were bad it can take longer to 'come around' to the light. I'm on day 15 and although I've got some positives, my arthritis pain and joint stiffness in the morning is greatly reduced, even with not taking my glucosamine and arthritis pain meds, and my sinuses are clear and my skin isn't oily at all, I don't feel any change in energy.


If you're on track and keeping it really kosher, don't think about "starting over" because you might use that as an excuse to backslide. Just keep on doing the right thing, which sounds like you've got it going on. Drink that water you know you're missing.


See what the 30 days does, and if that still doesn't have you where you want to be at, go for 45. I'm going to do a Whole 30-60-90 until I'm tall, thin and have a full head of thick, wavy hair. O.K., until I'm thin anyway.


Good luck, hang in there.

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The nuts and dried fruit might be contributing to the constipation.  That is one of my few side effects to nuts and dried fruit.  So encourage you to cut back on  them significantly.  They also incidentally affect my sleep patterns as well.


Also make sure that you are drinking enough water.  Minimum should be a half ounce for every pound you weigh. 


Also keep in min that this is a 30 day program for a reason.  Sometimes it takes some of us a long time before everything sorts out.   It took until day 22 on my first whole 30 before I started sleeping well and hit steady energy levels.  So I also encourage you to be patient here too.

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Just another hang in there comment :)

Try eating more fat (not in nut form). For satiety and to get your metabolism fat-adapted.

I bet the nursing is what is keeping you from slimming down. Sacrifices we make for our babes.... Try to find an outfit that makes you feel good and cut yourself some slack for the next little bit.

As for the hair loss, from my experience it arrived at 4 months postpartum and started growing back around 8 months postpartum, so you are almost there!

Kudos for doing whole30 at such a demanding time in your life!

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