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No pain!

Tanya K

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I am just today finishing the Whole 30. I lost in the 30 days 7lbs but since June 2nd have lost 24 lbs!! :-) I can fit into all my old clothes again! Even those skinny jeans!! I have been paleo since then. I am delighted with myself. No pain whatsoever for the first time in 8 years. Sleep which was not great even since June is becoming much more regulated due to the whole 30. I am sleeping 7 hours straight through! There is a sense of calm and content inside me that wasn't there before the whole 30. Foods taste amazing! Sugar cravings non existent. Most important thing for this whole 30 was to regulate the eating habits into a very structured routine. This will be continued without a shadow of a doubt. I love the way the body adjusts so well to this eating habit. I used to always snack on something in the evening, be it nuts, fruit, anything! Now, that too has been knocked on the head.

Thanks so much for the whole 30 and for this forum! There are not very many foods I miss, strawberries and whole dairy whipped cream with banana is what I really want! So dairy will be my first reintro food :-)

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