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Minnesota gal starting tomorrow

Amanda Taylor

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Yes, I know I am supposed to start right now. However, I have the non-paleo cookie dough ready to bake cookies for my boyfriend in honor of his road trip with the guys starting tomorrow and I might just help myself to a couple tonight. Excuses excuses.

I have been reading, It Starts with Food, during my lunch break at work and have my menu planned out for the next couple of days, including my plan of attack at the MN Vikings game on Friday. The purse will be stocked!

Shout out to http://www.dairyfreechick.com/ I discovered the Whole30 on her blog, a little too late for me to start with everyone on August 1, but here I go!

I'm excited! Too bad I will hit my sugar hangover fast after the two batches of cookies, scones, and cornbread I baked and helped myself to this week!

Greetings from MN!


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