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My name is Dave, and I started the Whole 30 on September 1st after hearing about how well it had worked for a friend of mine in Georgia. I'm on day 15 and going strong, no stumbling or serious self-sabotage so far. I stopped taking my glucosamine and condtoitin supplements as well as the arthritis pain medication I take due to ingredients and started to notice reduced pain and stiffness before I even got around to buying replacements, on about day 5 or so.


I worked in a "resident behavior modification" program for at risk youth for a number of years as a coach and a caseworker and I find myself "coaching" myself the same way here.


There's only "good" time, "bad" time doesn't count. The point is to accumulate 30 "good" days in a row, and the most important thing is to make TODAY a "good" day.


It looks like I might need a "Whole 45" or "Whole 60" to really turn myself around, but I think it's in me if I need it. Anyway, cheers and good luck to everyone.

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