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2nd Whole30 as a nursing mother


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Today was a bit of a frazzled start. I went to a concert Saturday, so I spent Sunday resting rather than prepping food. Since I didn't have breakfast prepped, I rushed out the door to drop my son off at pre-k and go for a long walk with just a banana. I made it just fine, but I don't plan on it being habit. The rest of the day went just fine.

Breakfast: Banana (pre-walk), three fried eggs, steamed asparagus, and guacamole

Lunch: Giant salad of mixed veggies, romaine, shredded chicken, guacamole, EVOO, and lime juice

Snack: Small apple and a handful of raw nuts on the way to pick up my son

Dinner: Chocolate chili (recipe by Melissa Joulwan) and cauliflower-rice with a glass of home-brewed kombucha.




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Day two: I didn't take any photos today,because my meals were either the same as yesterday, or completely uninspiring. I did manage to make breakfast before leaving the house to drop off my son and go walking, so I'll consider that a win.

Breakfast: three eggs scrambled with asparagus, a banana, and a tablespoon of almond butter

Lunch: Leftover chocolate chili and cauliflower rice

Snack: Applegate Organic hot dog, small apple, handful of nuts

Dinner: Skillet sautéed chicken tenderloins, steamed green beans, and two red potatoes with ghee

Exercise: 2.6 mile stroller walk

In general, I'm feeling okay, but not great. I'm a bit bloated/gassy and quite tired, as I also gave up coffee. Nothing I didn't expect though. My milk supply is doing great, which is always a plus.

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Day three:

Breakfast: Two egg muffins (eggs, onions, mushrooms, spinach) topped with leftover chocolate chili, 1/2 of a banana (my daughter ate the other 1/2)

Lunch: Large salad of romaine, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, cucumber, red pepper, chicken burger, tahini dressing, and EVOO

Snack: Small apple and almond butter

Dinner: Baked salmon, roasted veggies, garlicky zoodles cooked in ghee, with a Mocktail made from home brewed kombucha and LaCroix.

Today was strange. Even with 9 hours of sleep last night, I was dragging all day. Luckily my husband got home early from work this afternoon, so I was able to take a long nap. I also had some less-than-pleasant tummy issues today, which, as a lady I am not inclined to discuss further. I'm looking forward to the hangover phase being over.




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Day Four

Today seemed pretty easy. I know that many say that the second and subsequent W30s are harder, but I'm not really finding that to be true. Maybe it is because I'm only like 7 weeks out of my first? Whatever, I'll take it.

I got another 9 hour night of sleep last night, which was great. I felt slightly less foggy this morning, so I think my body is readjusting to life without caffeine. My digestive issues were also milder today than yesterday. Things are looking up. My eleven month old is really loving the food, too, so I guess you could call her a Whole30 baby.

Breakfast: Two egg and veggie muffins topped with leftover chocolate chili, banana

Lunch: Salmon cakes fried in ghee, leftover veggies from dinner last night

Snack: Small apple, blueberries, almond butter

Dinner: Acorn squash stuffed with compliant bacon, ground pork, onions, celery and apple (I ate 1/4 of the whole squash; it was huge)

Exercise: 2.6 mile stroller walk




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