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Day 14 - I am Stoked!


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I was stressed; 6'0 and 248 pounds, no exercise, did I say I was stressed?  High School principal.  Stressed.  Ran into a friend (a Middle School principal) who had lost over 50 pounds and looked 10 years younger!  He pointed me in the right direction, followed up with encouragement, and here I am 14 days later, a new man.  Forget the 5+ cups of coffee a day with half and half and sugar, "snacks" from the vending machine, a doughnut or three because I "needed" it, a Root Beer or two in the afternoon, or just one more jumbo burger on my way home after another 14 hour day.  Lucky to get five hours of sleep a night.


In 14 days, I've become a new man.  One, maybe two cups (8 ounces, not 16+) of black coffee.  Simple breakfast cooked at home, sensible lunch and dinner with plenty of veggies and clean protein, a piece of fruit or two thrown in through the day.  Energy like I can't believe, walking 3.5+ miles a day in the park - what a way to clear the day away, sleeping like a baby.  Staff ask what's gotten in to me.  I smile!  My wife has said I've changed  - not such a grouchy old man every night. 


And the belt notches keep clicking by.  My 18-35/36 shirts are hanging on me.  I ran out to work for an event, and just grabbed a pair of pants off the hanger.  Wasn't until I got home that I noticed they were one of the 40 waist pants I hadn't worn in years - down from a 44.    AWESOME!  Ever step on the scale?  Who needs to!  I feel it! Did I cheat?  Never once in 14 days, and certainly not in the next 16 or beyond.  Was I tempted?  Yes.  But I never want the stress to return.  I want off the high blood pressure meds.  I want to start running those 3.5+ miles, get back on my bike for a Century ride, back to teaming up with my friends for a 24 hour mountain bike race. 



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