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Of course..typical Monday..Day 1


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Day 1..

So I started my whole 30 yesterday, and it was a typical Monday for sure. Baby is crying...kids are running late to get to school...my husband decides (THIS MORNING) that he wants me to take the little ones to daycare...I look at him with my toothbrush in my mouth hair in a towel still...realizing...breakfast is going to be interesting...smile sweetly and say.."ok babe" So to put it in perspective...yesterday was 2 hard boiled eggs and a cup of coffee for breakfast...

Lunch was chili..no beans...with a big ol bunch of water...really pushing my water throughout the day..

my biggest struggle is in the evening...I crossfit in the evening which makes me really hungry..AND...I like to snack..

but I did well last night..i had a salad from chipotle that was really good...my family had pizza....(still trying to convert.baby steps..i gotta get through it first) pizza was a little difficult for me to watch them eat it....I figure it'll be worse today and tomorrow.and over the next few days.from what I am reading from other people...

After CrossFit last night I took a shower and just went straight to bed...that was difficult for me to just fall asleep..:/ but it was better than hoarding the kitchen....

Today has started off on a better foot...ill write about it this evening! :)

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Two things. One, you did not eat enough. You will not survive CrossFit or the Whole30 if you do not eat more. Study the meal planning template: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf


Second, the plan for logs is to add to one log each day so that all your stuff is in one place. If you start a new log every day, no one will keep up with your log, including you. :)

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