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Whole30 Day 1 - -


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I did my first Whole30 in August of 2013 and it changed my life.  Since then, I've eaten PRETTY close to the Whole30 'rules'.  I didn't add anything back in that I didn't actually miss - - but I've allowed myself treats every now and then just because I don't want to be a psycho about food.  :) They were conscious choices to eat food that makes me feel crappy - - and for the most part, it hasn't caused any issues.  Until this month - - 


My kids are back in school, their lives are crazy, my work life is crazy and I've had two weekends where I went to a gathering and had more to drink than I'd like to admit and ended up eating more crap than I have in the last year....Actually, when I start thinking back, I think I've had more 'treats' in the last month than I would normally have, too.


Anyway, for the first time in a year I feel BAD.  I feel sluggish and icky and not like myself at all...so it's time for me to detox and get in control of things.  And for me - it starts with food.  So here I am, whole30 day 1 and I am excited to get back on track.  One of my goals for this whole30 is to create a pre-sleep routine.  With the crazy schedules, I know I am not getting enough sleep and I know that falling asleep on the couch watching netflix isn't a good routine : )


So...here goes, peeps!! Looking forward to cheering everyone on!

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