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September 22 Starting! Woohoo! Anyone else?


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Excited and nervous but I'm doing this! I recently went to the doctor for hair loss to find out that I have an immune system deficiency. She recommended Whole30. After reading about it, it sounds perfect, hard but perfect. I'm a food junkie, love ice cream, soda's - anything sugar and stopping cold feet may hurt a little but it will be worth it. I want all my hair back. I can do this!


Who's with me!


Any suggestions on making the transition a little easier?


Hugs everyone and TIA!


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I'd start cutting out as many non-compliant foods as you can now. I definitely wouldn't go on an ice cream and pizza binge in the days leading up to starting ;).


Start planning what foods you're going to prepare. And a day or two before starting, start prepping or cooking those foods so that you can start off strong. I find it easier to stick to this if I have lots of good food around that I can eat, so if  I get home from work tired, or I'm running late in the morning, there's something in the fridge I can just grab and heat quickly, rather than getting home from work and starting a complicated recipe, or missing breakfast because I was going to cook something and didn't have time.

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