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I Started Today 9/16


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Hey all,


I know it is kind of random to start something like this on a Tuesday, but yesterday was my birthday and I still wanted cake lol. I am in the midst of day 1 and I feel like I am screwing up my protein portion sizes or something. I was pretty full after breakfast, I had lunch of a decent sized chicken breast with a spinach salad and olive oil and balsamic vinegar. And since then I have been starving! I got into my pre-workout snack of a larabar and some hazelnuts but was still starving! So I just ate more of my breakfast frittata and I still feel hungry. Arg. I'm still excited about everything, but I just wish my tummy would stop grumbling.

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A larabar is never acceptable as a pre-workout meal. Larabars are only to be used as emergency food when you are stuck without real food. 


It takes a while to adjust to Whole30-style eating. You may be chronically undernourished and need to eat extra for a while until your body is satisfied. You did not report your breakfast portion sizes, so you may have eaten too little to start the day. Once you have done that, it can be hard to catch up. Your lunch was very low fat. There is no meaningful fat in a chicken breast. Having olive oil on your salad does not add much fat, so you were seriously lacking adequate fat at lunch. 


Go back and study the meal planning template to make sure you are eating at least minimum amounts. When you are hungry, eat more... focusing on meat, fat, and veggies. 



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