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Reintroduction question - planning to only eat fermented/cultured/sprouted grains and dairy - should I test the other stuff


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Hello everyone,

After my Whole30 my long term aim is to restrict my 'bad' things to 'less bad' by eating only cultured dairy (kefir, creme fraiche), fermented grains (sourdough bread in moderation), and sprouted legumes (soaked and sprouted beans and lentils), as per Weston Price Foundation.

My question is, should I still do the reintroduction program using the 'bad' stuff first (i.e. standard grains, dairy, sugar etc), to see how I react to them, or only test the things I'm planning to eat?

I guess that in reality, there will be times that I do eat the 'bad' stuff, should I test them so that I can make an informed decision about what's worth it? Should I maybe do two reintroduction programs, one regular, and then one with the fermented/cultured versions? I'm a bit confused about how to go about my reintroduction program.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks,


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