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Day 16 - Trouble with digestive enzymes?

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This is my second W30 and like the first time around I started off having trouble with constipation.  In general, I seem to suffer from constipation and bloating.  Around day 3 I up'd my magnesium, drank a ton more lemon water, and added some sweet potatoes to my first meal...all seemed to help.  It took a few days but I'd say by day 8 the bloating all subsided and I was going more...about once a day.  


During this time I was doing some research on digestive enzymes as well because I've always seemed to have trouble with my leafy salads.  I know it's partly because I eat them too fast and while I'm working...I know, shame on me.  I've really made an effort the last few days to slow down and chew until my food is liquefied.  I still thought I could benefit from some enzymes because raw veggies seem really hard for me to digest.  Even after a small salad I balloon up for hours and my stomach sounds like a muffled whoopie cushion.  So on day 10 I visited my local health food store and bought the NOW Super Enzymes.  I've been taking them 3x a day just before my meal and they really seemed to make a big difference especially with bloating.  


Yesterday (D15) and today I noticed that while the frequency of my bowel movements hasn't really increased (still just about once a day) the consistency has gotten loose and then watery.  My last bout looked like a lot of fat was left behind in the bowl :/   I was literally running to the bathroom right after I finished my last meal (stuffed peppers).  I have decreased my magnesium on day 13 and today I didn't take it at all.  My question is should I decrease my digestive enzymes to maybe only at lunch?  I read they can cause diarrhea.  Should I just continue taking them at every meal and see how it goes the next couple days?  I've listed my meals below.  I'm pretty sure this is related to the enzymes but was wondering what you all think.  Thanks in advance for any advice!


Meal #1 (last 2 days)

1 cup pumpkin soup with chicken sausage

1 cup roasted veggies (peppers, onions, eggplant, sweet potatoes)


Meal #2 (last 2 days - tmrw will be salad)

leftover paleo pastelon

no veggies : /


Meal #3

Thai  Green Curry with White Fish, Veg (peppers, broccoli, carrots), and Cauli Rice

Stuffed Paleo Peppers (Ground turkey, onion, tomato sauce, cauli rice) and side leafy salad with vinaigrette 

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I'm not an expert on digestive enzymes so hopefully someone with more experience will chime in. Did you check the ingredient list on the NOW Super Enzymes. Last I checked they had added non compliant ingredients which caused us to stop recommending them.


I'm wondering though if you need them. Most people use them when they have trouble digesting fats and proteins which doesn't seem to be the case for you. A lot of people have issues digesting raw vegetables so perhaps the better solution is to enjoy more of your vegetables cooked and give up on salads for a while. I know that the ease of raw vegetables makes that hard but it might be what is needed for a while.

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Thanks Physibeth!  I had no idea those supplements might be non compliant.  I had read about them here and one moderator highly recommended them.  I also read the "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Digestive Enzymes" article here but I guess that was written a year ago.  I checked NOW's website and it does state the Super Enzyme "May contain lactose (milk) as a processing aid".  I don't know how others would weigh in but I'm almost tempted to keep taking them for a couple more days.  If I get another bout of diarrhea I'll definitely stop.  On a whole, I really feel like they are helping me with my meals and that relief is more important to me.

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Okay, I guess that's it for me too.  I thought these were helping but my stomach it is all sorts of strange today (D18).  Haven't had any diarrhea but now I feel back to constipated and bloated.  I felt fine first thing this morning... I put on my jeans and couldn't believe how well they fit.  I took the digestive enzyme before eating my first meal (pumpkin soup, chicken sausage, roasted veg) with coffee and felt fine.  My second meal got pushed further ahead becuz I was busy but I wasn't really hungry so I let time pass.  Then hunger sort of hit me hard; I got cramps; and then felt really bloated and gassy.  I tried to go to the bathroom but couldn't.  So, I just now finished my second meal and I feel a lil better but not really.  The gas is working it's way around I guess.  Also, my tongue feels worn like I've been licking sandpaper and I think I've developed a canker sore.  I'm drinking plenty of water.  Maybe my homemade sunflower butter triggered the mouth issues?  It tasted funny last night when it first touched my mouth.  Maybe PMS is throwing this all off on top of everything.  I really don't know.  But for starting the day feeling so good I'm surprised it took this turn.  


I thought it was just a lactose issue but didn't realize the NOW Super Enzymes contain sulfiles too.  If there is a compliant brand please let us know.  I'm in the same boat as AnnaLog and need some digestive relief asap.  I really thought these enzymes were the key for me.  My stomach doesn't want to give up today...boo.  I checked out the Digest Gold and didn't see anything noncompliant in their ingredient list but I obviously didn't look close enough the first time when shopping.  


On another random note...I feel like my gallbladder is now flaring up.  Jees, I am a hot mess of complaints.  :wacko:

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I agree with Physibeth, it doesn't sound like your problem is the protein so enzymes might not actually be beneficial.

Maybe try batch cooking some vege for the week so that you have easy, non-salad options available and see how that goes. And take a look at your fruit too - I've just realised that apple gives me bloat and gas, and strawberries seem to give me very loose stools :-( (I'm slightly allergic - if that's even a thing! - to strawberries anyway, more than a handful gives me hives).

I've also felt great benefits from taking a probiotic every evening - it made me bloated for the first week, but in the week since then I've felt good.

And try swishing your mouth with salt water to help the sore (doesn't solve the question of what caused it, but always seems to speed up healing for me).

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