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Today is Day 1


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Hey Everyone,


I have been doing Perfect Health Diet and general paleo on and off for about 3 years, but I've let my standards slip pretty bad recently. So. After careful planning, reading and joining, I am starting Day 1 today. This won't be too big of a stretch for me since my biggest worry was how to drink my coffee black. But, I didn't have to stress about it- this morning it went down fine. As a long-term low carber, giving up cheese is a little bit daunting, too, but if you guys can do it, I can, too.  I am using this time on Whole30 to bring about some other changes in my life at the same time- a sort of "rebooting". For the next 30 days I will also practice more productivity in art and music, and move my body more. I'm looking forward to reading people's stories and issues on this forum!


Marti in Missouri

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