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AI protocols Vegetarian Proteins No Soy


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This is my first post, after sharking the waters silently for a bit now. Be gentle. 

I've searched around and am having trouble finding information that applies to this. I'm drowning in information!

I need protein options that are program compliant, AI compliant, and soy-free. 


Am I being crazy to think this is something that doesn't exist? Is this something easy that I'm just overlooking?

Is there a Superperson just waiting for me to hit "post" so they can save my soul? 


I'm pretty obnoxious about it sticking to the AI protocols, as I have multiple AIDs and have no desire to add anything back into

my diet. (I've been following an AI protocol for quite some time, prior to my entering into the Whole30.)


Thank you so, so much, in advance.

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If you've been following AIP as a veg, what proteins have you been eating? 


I have been told that doing AIP without animal or fish protein is almost impossible.  Protein heals your gut and that is the point of AIP.


I am AIP, and have done Whole 30 and Whole 30 AIP. The biggest difference is that AIP allows small amounts of honey or maple syrup, and Whole 30 encourages focusing on a correct meal template. 


Why do you want to do a Whole 30 AIP? After doing it myself I think AIP is hard enough without adding Whole 30 restrictions onto it. 


There are several W30 AIP threads on here but I have not seen one for vegetarians. 


There IS a whole section about Whole 30 for vegetarians. 

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You should read this:




Inside this thread (scroll down) you will see my post. It has links to the AIP threads in the forum. 




Have a look at this:



And of course this


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Thanks for the replies. Deb., I have been post stalking your AI posts...you are so articulate and informative!

I've always been what I will call an occasional fishatarian. Cute, right? I read the book, read the vegetarian list, but I'm allergic to dairy and soy, and everything else is AI, so I was hoping to find someone who found something that fit.

I've been eating meat because it seemed logical and appropriate. At first I didn't mind it, but I just am not a "meat eater",and I am at the point where I really just don't think I can choke down one more bite of it.

Thank you so much for the links, I'm headed to read right now. :-)

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Whereas when I was W30ing in France (Nice, with friends in spring of 2013), I had garlic/lemon fish with some fruit for breakfast (we ate the whole salad I thought would be enough to include my breakfast). We were staying in an apartment from AirBnB and it was a very delicate flavor. The idea of veggies for breakfast used to make me want to run away and never W30, and I've got mushrooms roasting right now for this morning (living in Korea...). Try it, and take it one day at a time. Try pureeing it into soups - zucchini soup from Well Fed 2 comes to mind, or butternut squash/sweet potato soup too.

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