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Start Date October 1st


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Hello everyone!


My name is Kelsey and my sister Kristin and I have decided to start this adventure together. We felt that doing it together we would be able to hold each other accountable. I will first say that I have never done a live blog/forum and the only diet that I have done was Advocare. I am slightly intimidated by this program, because my favorite thing in the world to eat is carbohydrates! I love pasta, bread, and beer.


I am 25 years old and have been an athlete pretty much my entire life, until about 2 and half years ago when I moved to Nashville, TN. I have gained pretty close to what I would say 30lbs, and have gotten myself into what I would call a slump. I am not confident in my body, and every time I try to do a diet I can't seem to stick with it. I am not one that like to go to the gym, as I don't have a "gym buddy".


My sister brought this to us, as one of her friends from high school did and she said that it completely transformed her life. I am buying the "It Starts With Food" book tomororw, and should have it done by our start date on the 1st.

I work in an environment where I am at a desk all day starting at computer screens, and my coworkers are constantly eating pizza, chicken wings, and many other not so great food choices. So it will be hard to decline all the junk food around me, because sometimes i want a candy bar at 2pm!


I have a general sense of what is good to eat and what isn't but my killer is honestly pasta, because it's fast and easy and that's normally what I go for when i get done working a 10 hour day....


I would love some input on recipes, and alternatives to the carb craving that I seem to get, any encouragement is greatly appreciated! I am looking forward to the challenge, and the results!


Thank you!



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Just wanted to say good luck to you guys! I am also planning to start Whole30 on October 1st! I have already started looking at recipes and planning ideas for meals. I am with you on anticipating struggles at work- I am a nurse and work 12 hr shifts where a real break doesn't always happen. Looking for tips to break away from that carb craving you are talking about. Everyone I've talked to and everything I have read says after the first 1-2 weeks your energy starts to pick back up. I'm hoping the whole30 will give my body and mind a renewed sense of energy and health.


Good Luck! I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience!

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Hey there!


  My name is Laura and I am also planning to start my first Whole 30 on Oct. 1. I am 25 and have definitely gained weight and lost confidence since college. I worked in restaurants after school ended and blamed it on that, but for the last year I have worked at an office job and it has only gotten worse. Sitting for 9 hours a day and being surrounded by treats and bad food that people bring in is a recipe for disaster!


  This summer I got really inspired to start running again and now I go 3-4 times a week and can run up to 4 miles without stopping. I expected to lose some weight from all this running (I have been at it for 4.5 months now!) but I haven't! That was when I knew I needed to get serious about nutrition if I wanted to see results. I have slowly been cutting back on things like cereal, bread and pasta and have been attempting to make Whole 30 recipes. I am about half-way through with the "It starts with food" book and learning so much. The book has changed my mindset from thinking all about weight loss to thinking more about overall health. I don't want to go back to all my old habits after the 30 days so I am going to concentrate on making lifestyle changes.


  During the week I have a lot of success with eating healthy and making all my meals instead of going out & with working out...but the weekends are another story. My boyfriend is going to attempt to do this Whole 30 with me but I am skeptical because he works in a restaurant and is constantly tempted.


  Really looking forward to chatting with you guys about our progress! Check out my Pinterest board of recipes, my user name is lolasuga.



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Hi @Megs25 and @LolaLark!  I'm Kelsey's sister and I'm super excited to be starting this journey with ya'll.   @LolaLark - thanks for sharing your Pinterest board.  Here is mine for everyone:  http://www.pinterest.com/eastman0253/whole-30/  We can exchange recipe ideas and keep each other motivated.   @Megs25 I feel exactly like you after reading the book.  I always thought okay less calories, more working out = weight loss, and that is all I cared about.  I have been feeling terrible for the past year and I knew I needed to eat better so I did weight watchers for a month or so and felt a little better and lost a few pounds but the restriction was making me want to eat worse foods for me.  So I've pretty much not worried about it at all until I started reading the book. Now I get it.  It has nothing to do with weight anymore - it's about what I put in my body so I don't feel crappy.  I think if I keep thinking in those terms it will be very easy to stick with the plan.  And I'm sure once I start feeling better it will be no question.


I know we can all keep each other accountable! Good luck!!!

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My best friend and I are starting on the 1st as well! I have been mostly grain-free and dairy free for a couple years now and have a pretty decent recipe stockpile that I would be more than happy to share! I am in grad school right now and quite busy, so most of my meals involve my slow cooker, very little prep, or both. 


I did some serious diet-induced damage to my body within the last few years and I am still wrestling with some digestive problems and a major hormone imbalance. I am hoping that the whole30 will help me change my relationship with food and provide my body with the nourishment that it needs to heal itself. 


Here is a month's worth of slow cooker recipes: http://meatified.com/whole-30-slow-cooker-recipes/
And I am starting a whole30 pinterest board: http://www.pinterest.com/alissasAK/whole30/


I am so excited to start this journey! Good luck everyone!! :)

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Hi Whole30ers!


My name is Jen and I am also going to start on October 1. Some friends tried Whole30 last year during the month of October and reported that they felt energized and lighter at the end of the month, so I'm hoping for a similar experience! I currently try to exercise 2-4 times per week, usually running but I recently started doing hot yoga again after a six-month break. 


I have three young kids and work full time, so I'm mostly nervous about planning ahead to make sure I have everything on hand to stick with the plan once I start. My husband is supportive and has committed to eating the dinners I prepare (he's looking to benefit as well, but he's not ready to make the hard core commitment of zero grains). I also have a crazy sweet-tooth - which is one of the reasons I want to complete this challenge. I know that my metabolism is slowing down and that I need to make some changes.  But as I type, all I want is CANDY!  The last thing I'm gearing up for is coffee - I generally have milk in my morning coffee, so I'm slowly weaning myself off and going to try drinking black coffee.  I think that flavored K-Cups will work for me, although as I'm thinking about it, I should double check the ingredients. I know they don't contain sweetener, but I'm not sure about other flavorings.


I just started my Whole30 pinterest page, so I'll be following some of you soon.  Here is my page, which I'll hopefully be adding lots of recipes to in the next few days: http://www.pinterest.com/rudojen/whole30/



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