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first whole 30 -- how am i doing?


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this is my first whole 30. for most of 2011 and 2012 i followed a paleo diet (i used cheat days, usually one every week) but i was in school during that time and had loads of free time to exercise (both strength train and i played recreational and league racquetball). before starting a paleo style diet i was 280lbs (5'10 male) when i graduated in 2012 i was down to roughly 220lbs *yay me*. however since then, i obtained a full time desk job that requires extensive travel (out of town for entire week) for 80% of the year (but i love my job, right now at least). that being said, it was difficult to keep a regular exercise regimen, i cannot remember the last time i was in the gym. I still go on regular walks. travelling all the time meant eating out all the time, i did not make bad decisions 90% of the time, salads, lean cuts of meats, veggies, no desserts, and yes, i love bourbon and tequila. bourbon was my only non-paleo vice during my paleo days in 2011 and 2012. additionally, my job goes through several busy periods during the year which normally resulted in stress eating (started as healthy snacks like almonds and carrots and fruit but then turned into junk food quite rapidly, the only thing i held onto from my paleo days was remaining gluten free 90% of the time.) since starting this job in April 2012 i am back up in weight to around 250lbs and feel miserable, more so that i know how much hard work and time it took to get down to 220lbs, and because i do not have a regular exercise regimen that i love anymore. i am hoping my whole30 will help me regain touch with my paleo ways and help provide some extra motivation, now that my body is able to function more effectively and efficiently, to get back into a regular exercise program.


i wanted to post my meal log to see if there were any tweaks that i should be making. in general i have 1 cup of coffee a day, normally with my first meal, on colder mornings, i will make another cup but i very rarely get through more than half of it. I also know I need to get more sleep consistently. since starting my whole 30, i cut out all other caffeine and make sure consumption is before i eat meal 2 (which is normally around noon or right after)


Day 1:

Sleep 8 to 9 hours
Meal 1: ground beef w/onion, garlic, mushrooms, and seasonings (ghee); cup of steamed broccoli

Meal 2: Sweet potato hash with 1 cup of homemade chili and 1/2 avacado

Meal 3: 2.5 oz Tuna Salad with half fresh cucumber


Day 2: 

Sleep - 5.5 to 6 hours. Sleep was sound and was awakend too early. 

Meal 1: ground beef w/onion, garlic, mushrooms, and seasonings (ghee); side of steamed broccoli 

Meal 2: tuna salad (OO mayo, Dijon, pickles; half cucumber; handful almonds; coffee

Meal 3: ground beef w/onion, garlic, mushrooms, and seasonings (ghee); half avacado; 2 eggs; sweet potato hash

Snack: spoon of raw almond butter; half handful of macadamia nuts; half handful of blackberries (got new snacks and had to try)


Day 3: 

Sleep - 7 to 8 hours 

Meal 1: 4 1/2 slices organic praire turkey; 1/2 avacado; heaping handful of carrots 

Meal 2: tuna salad w/ 2 eggs, heaping handful of carrots, half handful almonds 

Meal 3: chicken salad on large plate of mixed greens

Snack: handful of almonds (driving) 


Day 4: 

Sleep: 5.5 to 6.5 hours (not enough)

Meal 1: palm sized portion of grass fed ribeye (grilled, seasons with salt, pepper, garlic, and EVOO)

Meal 2: palm and half sized portion of raincoast albacore tuna (with homemade mayo (pure olive oil as base), compliant dijon, compliant pickles) on a large bed of arugula and spinach. close hand portion of peach

Meal 3: palm sized portion of grass fed ribeye (grilled, seasons with salt, pepper, garlic, and EVOO) with a heaping portion of roasted broccoli (covered in anchovy, garlic, red pepper flake sauce - from NomNomPaleo book)


Day 5: 

Sleep: weird dreams (not about food) 7 to 8 hours

Meal 1: Sweet potato hash; 3/4 cup ground beef w/onion, garlic, mushrooms, and seasonings (ghee); two eggs, 1/2 avacado (got full after eating about 3/4 of this and put the plate down, probably over did my portion of beef since i added 2 eggs). 

Snack: got some new macadamia nuts in the mail, had about 6 just to try them out :) 


It's Day 5 now, so don't think I just had one meal! 


My meals have been spaced out about 4 to 5 hours apart. It is normally always a palm to palm and a half sized portion. I only felt really hungry before hour 4 on day three in between Meal 1 and 2; I woke up later than I wanted and only had time for some deli turkey which I seemed to burn through fairly quickly. I have only exercised on Day 1 of my Whole 30 when I went for a walk for about an hour. 


Any recommendation for tweaks? areas for improvement? am I eating too much Tuna, I did some research into Mercury content and Raincoast Albacore Tuna, I am not sure there is much to worry about here due to the method of fishing they use and selenium levels in albacore?


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I think this looks really good, actually.   How are you feeling?


If you are feeling good, and you continue to work on your sleep, I think you will have a very successful Whole 30.  Listening to your body, stopping when you are full, recognizing that a meal did not keep you satiated for long -- these are all important signals that you are paying attention to.  


You may just decide to continue eating this way, instead of falling back into old habits that make you miserable.  ;)  Keep up the great work!

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Your meal composition sounds good, but I think you probably need to eat more. I eat more than you do. I weigh around 190 pounds and sit in front of a computer as much as 12 hours per day. I was glad to hear you say you were eating a palm to palm and a half at the end of your report because in the report, I thought you were eating a lot less. I think you could use more veggies. Adding the avocado and nuts bring your fat servings up to adequate. I wish you were eating more at meals so that you did not need snacks. 


I eat tuna as often as 5 times per week as a post-workout protein AND i eat canned salmon 3-4 times per week as a meal. The selenium in fish protects from mercury and if you want to be extra cautious like me, you could eat two brazil nuts per day. Brazil nuts are too high in omega 6 fatty acids to eat handfuls of them, but two nuts work nice as a selenium supplement. :)

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