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pork sirloin, apples and onions


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Hi-new to this board but not to whole 30- this is my 3rd time and I am on day 16 and starting to feel pretty good . so far I feel very committed and positive.I'm not working until November so I spend a good deal of time shopping ,prepping and cooking(and cleaning of course-ugh).I am hoping to make this a Whole 60 or 100 - I havent done more than 30 days yet.  This time seems a little different and a little easier because I truly do not want to go back to the way I was eating(whatever I wanted!).I live  with my husband and 24 year old son who are happy to eat what I make but I also buy bread, milk, cereal , ice cream etc for them. It doesn.t bother me to have it in the house although tonight i just had to smell the trader joes trail mix cookies and they sure smelled good, but honestly I'm not tempted. I should mention I am really enjoying coffee in the morning with a splash of  brazil nut milk- I like it so much better than almond or coconut milk- it comes out so thick and creamy .I found the recipe on Elanas pantry site.

      Whole foods had some pork sirloin(strips like boneless spareribs but darker in color) on sale today and I bought 2 tubs of it.It was so delicious. I coated it in  a little salt, course peppercorns that I grind(I use alot of pepper or salt free mixes like Trader joes 21 season salute and practically cover the meat ) , garlic powder. then I used a big enameled cast iron pot with   2 T of olive oil and browned each side on med high heat for about 10 minutes on each side to sear it,seasoning it again when I turned them over. . when it was browned I added a large chopped onion and 2 large chopped apples(I peeled them)  and put them on top of the browned pork which had alot of liquid from some fat and the olive oil and meat juices(the meat was pretty lean though).I  put it in the oven covered for 1 hour at 350 degrees turning the pork over after half an hour and giving everything a stir..   after an hour there was still  liquid from everything cooking down but the pork was tender so I put it back in without the cover to brown it and make the sauce thicker  which it did nicely in about 20 minutes- turning it over halfway. what happened was I had nice browned tender pork and a sauce cooked down of apples. onions and seasoning- almost like a gravy-we gobbled it up so quickly there is none left for breakfast!  this would work well with porkchops too. I just wanted to share this because it was so good-we had it with roasted sweet potatoes and haricot verts(365 brand frozen) with a little olive oil and lemon on them.  Hope this is helpfull- the apples do not really come out sweet but peppery and savory from the spices and onions.you would adjust the cooking time depending on thickness of the pork- mine were about 2 inches thick.

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