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So after all the 30 days of being by the book comes to the reintro and lost it! It was my daughters birthday on Wednesday so we had a small piece of cake each that we couldn't finish, very heavy, very sweet and just felt wrong. So later on in the middle of the night I have very bad joint pains in my fingers, ankles,wrists and knees. Last night we went for a meal for a bit of break away from cooking. Starter all compliant no issues, chicken and salad. Had a corner I mean a corner of nan bread and then some pilau rice along with main meal which was compliant also, (obviously rice not). Today, I am in a heap! I might as well have stepped back six months for how I feel today. Extreme exhaustion to the point nearly of tears, very tender muscles name sore joints. I'm cross with myself because I should have had either the nan or the rice last night. I obviously have a problem with grains as I was so sore the night before from the cake. But today is far far far worse. Yesterday after having such a bad night I was able to do normal things and did my yoga etc, had energy, felt good even though sleep was poor, pain dissipated quite quickly throughout the morning. However, I did think that rice would be fine?? I mean could a tiny taste of nan bread make me so ill today? Or is it the rice? You see this is where I got it wrong, I did too much too fast, didn't follow the protocol. In fairness it's there for a reason!! Silly me!

Anyway, what should I do now? Will I do another whole 30 with a very strict reintro? Or wait a while and then do it? In fairness I'm not missing anything, except whole whipped cream! Do I wait until these symptoms pass before trying dairy to see does that have an impact??

The last time I was this poorly was when for one week I decided to eat oats after being grain free for 5 or so weeks. When I stopped the oats the symptoms passed.

To be honest I would stay living on just the compliant foods! I'm quite happy with that! Maybe having a fresh juice every now and again, some paleo treats, but I really don't have that same craving I would have done for something sweet or a snack of cashew nuts etc like before the whole30.

I really and truly believed that I would be fine with the amounts of rice and nan bread I ate last night! Obviously I was wrong. The whole 30 has revealed for one thing that I have serious issues with grains!

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Having a reaction to rice is rare. Cake typically includes sugar, dairy, and wheat gluten, but gluten is the most common problem. Nan bread would include wheat gluten too, I think, so that is what I would be most concerned about.


You can stay Whole30-compliant for 2 days (or as long as it takes to feel good again) and then proceed with reintros. 

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To be honest nothing worth this pain! Ridiculous! I'm perfectly happy eating my spinach lol! One thing I do want to try in two days is the cream, don't care about milk, never liked it, but I love cream. Fingers crossed. But if it's also bad, so be it! Just the way it goes. I will get over it. :-)

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