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hormones question


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I finally got around to reading ISWF (AFTER my 2nd whole 30 haha) and I was struck pretty hard by the 'bad day' profile. I was constantly starving, nauseous, shaky and dizzy and needing to eat every couple hours. I would wake up in the middle of the night with panic attacks and nausea. And the afternoon slump was more like an afternoon being hit by a useless truck. I was DONE by 4 pm every day. My dad is a skinny type 2 diabetic so I think I was headed down the same road and I dodged that bullet.


But the only difference between the profile and mine was the sleep thing.I had ZERO trouble falling asleep at a decent time and always woke up refreshed. Are the hormones for falling asleep and waking in the morning unrelated? Why would everything else be suffering but that?

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