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Back to Day 1 (again) - I think I need an accountability buddy


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Hi, I'm Christy and I keep falling off the Whole30.

Is there anyone who'd like an accountability buddy? I've been keeping a food log here:


I'm a 37 year old woman in Bozeman, MT. I work as a software developer, though I'm an astrophysicist by schooling. I have a husband who is very supportive. He'll eat whatever I make, but doesn't want to do a Whole30 himself. We have a seven year old boy.

I've had severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis since I was twelve. I've been on all kinds of biologic drugs and immunosuppressants, sometimes several at a time. I've always been overweight and out of shape until I got sick of it last summer. I started cutting out processed food and exercising. I moved from exercise DVDs to Jazzercise to kickboxing to Crossfit. I lost 30 pounds in a year and my psoriasis improved quite a bit.

I'd like to get to that next level of health - resolve the last of my psoriasis, clear up the acne I've had my entire life, and lose about 20 more pounds. Most of the time I am fine with food but I eat when I am stressed. Right now I am in a job I really don't like, trying to get finish some freelance contracts I took on, applying for other jobs, and dreading the upcoming school year. My son is deaf and school is HARD for him.

I made it seven days into the Whole30 on my third try until I went and ate half a bag of chocolate chips this afternoon. That didn't solve any of the issues that were stressing me out and I need to find other ways to cope.

So if anyone wants to check in on me and my food log, that would be awesome. I would be happy to do the same for anyone who needs it. Thanks!

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Hi Christina,

I will. I am starting over tomorrow for what feels like the 1,000th time. I think I need someone to check on me too. My Fiance is very supportive and would eat grass if I fixed it for dinner but I work in an office with a ton of crazy people and they sometimes stress me out, my job is sometimes stressful and tiring. It leads me to skipping Crossfit and to eating junk! It's a cycle I am desperately trying to get out of.

I'm Christina too by the way! :)

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Hi cupcake (Christina) and Phanniemae! thanks so much!

It sounds like we have some of the same issues, Christina. I'm glad to see I'm not only one with multiple re-starts. I figure I'm better off with multiple Whole30 attempts than never to try at all! I'd like to make it through the 30 days to prove to myself I can do it.

I did have a better snack with me ( a cup of chopped jicama) but I think it was wanting the mouth feel of the chocolate chips - having something sweet and fatty I could shovel in while hunched over the laptop, trying to get this software bug fixed. One alternative that I've been trying to chocolate that's been fairly successfully is buying a new song to listen to. I need to do that more - cheaper and better for me!

Edited to add: What is your log called, Christina? I can check on you once a day, maybe mid-afternoon? That's when I tend to lose it at the office.

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