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Starting Mon Sept 22


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Lucinda, That cake is the best!! It seems simple of a cake (whipped cream frosting, fresh fruits, soft sponge cake) but oh it's delicious! If there was one thing that could of derailed me...that would of been it. So I guess I passed the test and it's smooth sailing lol! Wishful thinking :)

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I don't think I'm following the typical timeline.  Yesterday and today I've been pretty tired.  I haven't wanted to kill everything yet, though.  So, maybe I am making my own timeline.  :)


I'm about to make the mayo.  I have the egg and lemon juice in the blender waiting to come to room temperature, and hubby has burgers on the grill.  Hopefully, it will turn out well and be a good lunch.


I'm so impressed with how well everyone is doing.  One week almost done.  We've got this!

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Day 7!


Okay... made it through the 40th bday bash with my W30 intact!   This how it went down... The moment we walked in the door a server greeted us with two signature cocktails to choose or glass of wine.   I asked for soda water with a twist.   Server directed me to the bar.   A friend asked me why I wasn't drinking a cocktail and I told her I was starting out slow.   No one inquired about my bev. the rest of the evening.   Dinner was buffet style Mexican.   Skipped rice, beans, tortillas and had the chicken fajita filling ( sautéed chicken with peppers and onion) avocado, salsa and greens.  Passed on sour cream, cheese, tamales and chips.   It was delicious!   Did not even tempt myself by going to the dessert buffet which my husband reported was amazing.   I just chatted and danced through dessert and viola!  Woke up this morning feeling good and had a blast last night!  

Thank you so much for your support!


Chaffee- way to go wiping the strawberries.   True dedication!  I want one of those veggie tools to make squash spaghetti.   Sounds so good.  Speaking of squash I made a great "silky" zucchini soup from the Well Fed website that is W30 compliant.   So tasty even my girls thought it tasted like clam chowder?  And my zucchini-phobic husband liked it.  


ReneeMB- how did the mayo turn out?


Lucinda- I hear you about the wine!  Wine, chocolate, popcorn and now sourdough bread are my most-missed items.  Oh yes, and pumpkin muffins.  I miss my pumpkin muffins this time of year.  Still not sleeping well either. 


But, enough about what I am missing.   I am gaining more energy.  I'm so much more patient with my kids.  My mood is upbeat.  I am enjoying making and learning about paleo / W30 compliant foods. I feel happy and looking forward to what is in store week 2!




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@Kellygirl, I am delighted for you that the party went well! Congrats - at least you know how to do it now.


I have just had a visit from my God daughter (aged 12) who had baked me brownies, so that was awkward!  I had to make a big show of wrapping them all up and putting them in my bag to take to work tomorrow.  So sweet of her though.  They are safely in the freezer now.


I am off to bed, I can't believe it will be a week when I wake up tomorrow.  I am really excited to have got this far.  


Have a great day/evening depending where you are in the world.



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Chaffee- I'm so with you on the flavour of food! I've just eaten the most amazing salad, the tomatoes just popped with flavour!

I'm facing my biggest challenge tmw as I'll be out all day in Dubai, so looking at lunch and dinner out, immediately after a night shift. The temptation to eat off plan will be huge.

Copied from other thread-

Confession time tho I did a bad thing this afternoon...I gave in to the desire to stand on the scales. It was bad I know and I've since put them somewhere difficult to reach.

I have had a loss, I'm not gonna say how much because I don't want to encourage any of you to give in, but it was enough for me to know thisbis worth any sacrifices I feel I'm making ( not that I do cos I'm eating amazing food)

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Glad to hear how everyone's doing - we're doing it!

Quick update: my stepmother is in hospice and not expected to live much longer. I've spent most of the weekend at hospice with my dad. It's challenging because they have free and openly offered cookies, soda and other temptations in the kitchen and dad always keeps chocolate nearby. I have moments when I think "someone close to me is dying...having a cookie would be understandable, right?" But arghhhh I am fighting it like hell. And focusing on these last days with a great woman who, I know, would scoff at a life without potatoes ;-)

Lastly, anyone else dreaming of cheating on the whole30? I've been eating all sorts of things in my dreams. Sleep is getting better for me too.


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Sam, I am so sorry to hear of your step-mom.   I lost my dad last year.   I know what you are experiencing.   It's during these times of stress that sugar and food is comforting ( and that's totally understandable).  

But, your strength to stick to Whole30 during this time,  will be strength you're going to need to comfort your dad as he loses his partner and to deal with the grief yourself.  

Hang in there and I hope your step-mom's passing is as peaceful and painless as possible. 



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Hi ladies!


What a strong group - I'm proud of all of us for resisting the temptations of the weekend.  Brownies, parties, stress.  We can do this!


I am a day behind you - Day 7 here, and feeling great! Hubby polished off about 5 of the leftover containers we have of W30 stuff at lunch though, so all of a sudden I have nothing!  Time to regroup.  I made roasted sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts last night (my NEVER vegetable) and it was delicious! Food is indeed tasting better and I guess just cleaner. 


chaffee - I am jealous that you and Lucinda get wine a day before me.  The only things I really miss are wine, a little good cheese, and pizza.  You added a pic!  Aren't you adorable!  (Yes.  The answer is yes.)


Lucinda - That must have been SO hard to manage those brownies.  Good for you!  I hosted my SIL's bday yesterday and one of my kids made her brownies that were just sitting in the middle of the table for HOURS.  My sweet teenager waved hers under my nose multiple times, because teenagers are so thoughtful.  Non-scale brownie victories for us.  POW.


kellygirl - way to handle that party! I bet is was easier than you thought it would be.  We had dinner with friends on Sat and they ordered a bottle of wine and a 'Death by Chocolate' dessert, and it wasn't even painful.  I couldn't believe it.


lexybelle - You look like a Lexy.  (That's a good thing.) It's good to read that scale post.  I SO want to get on it but have so far resisted.  I even put it away, but maybe not far enough away.  Are you fighting that same craving?


and Sam - I'm sorry about your MIL.  That's a tough one. Stay strong. Unfortunately, a cookie in your belly isn't going to make it any better.  If only it was so easy.  :(


Keep it up, friends!  Things are only going to get even better!



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Yes!  Day 8 is done.   I have to confess, it's hard for me to imagine making it 30 days with out a slip.   I have to keep visualizing that I make it and how good it feels.  


Today's challenge was getting through my Trader Joe's shopping without giving in to the pumpkin craze they have going on in there now.   I love pumpkin everything ( especially baked goods)  and today was a true test of my will.   I knew I had to resist but it was not easy!  There was the pumpkin seed brittle, pumpkin scone cookies, candied pumpkin seeds, pumpkin bread pudding, pumpkin pancake mix, pumpkin croutons etc...

I had to remind myself, the pumpkin stuff will be there on Oct. 23 if I want it.   I hope by then, I don't!  In the meantime, baked sweet potatoes are a good substitute.


Lexybelle, I'm glad when you weighed yourself you saw results.   That gives me faith that this works.  I put my scale in storage the day before I started or I am sure I would have weighed myself several times by now.   Trying to trust the process.   I look at posts from those who have completed W30 and I am convinced we will all be thrilled with our results whatever they are.  


Day 9 ( or 8 for you Sarah) here we come!


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In a weird way standing on the scale the other day actually did me a favour last night. I'd finished a night shift but wasn't able to sleep as I was away all day so by the time I got home at dinner time I'd been away 26 hrs. Nothing was prepared and I didn't have much left in the fridge. I was able to resist the urge to order a pizza ( my usual post night treat) and order Lebanese grilled meats and mahoosive salad!

I then went to bed and slept 15 hrs straight through! I mustn't have moved much as I'm all stiff lol! Breakfast, yoga stretches, and a day of housework.

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Lexybelle, how in the heck did you become a nurse in Dubai?  How exotic.  And what's a mahoosive salad?


Strange moments: 

Walking through whole sections of the grocery store and realizing NONE of it is whole-compliant, aka very good for us.  What a revelation.

Reading the ingred. list for Honey Bunches of Oats (which I bought for my kids) and it has FIVE forms of sugar.  Only 6g total, but that was still mind-boggling.

Looking down the kitchen island last night.  We had a buffet of sorts - I made baked salmon, chopped up a bunch of salad ingred. but also made meatballs and pasta as a side for the urchins (I have 4 teenagers) and looking at the colors.  Beautiful reds, greens, bright bright until my eye hit the blah white pasta.  Not ONE part of me was interested in eating that. Small victories.


Housework is on my list today too, and I might add yoga thanks to Lexy.

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Sarah , I applied just like any other job lol. I'm in Abu Dhabi but Dubai is just a 1.5hrs drive away. I came on holiday and visited the hospital before though. It's lovely having lots of sunshine but the summers are killer!

A mahoosive salad is just a very very big salad.... Mahoosive is just a made up word we Brits use for bigger than massive lol! ( I picked it when I lived in Scotland).

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Hi everyone! I was reading through the thread and looks like we may have lost a few teammates since the original start date. I wish them well. And if you haven't fallen off the wagon please check in and let us know how you're doing.

Sarah, it's ridiculous how much junk is in our food now a days, huh??! How is it even legal? Wished we can go back to the days when everything was truly all natural, when chemically processing food was never an option. No fast food and no artificial junk. REAL FOOD what a concept, eat healthy be healthy!

Kellygirl, I know what you mean about the pumpkin thing lol. I love my pumpkin cheesecake this time of year! It's not the same but pumpkin seeds are compliant I believe. Maybe that will curve your craving?

Lexybelle, I recently started a yoga video. I love the workout! I usually stick to my normal cardio and pilates but yoga is fun and I wake up sore in place I didn't know I had muscles. I would like to try hot yoga, have you done that? Once master the moves I will take a hot yoga class.

Hope you all are having a great day!

- Chaf, my good friends call me Chaf, that includes you all :)

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Day 8 and all is well!  Chaf, thanks for the call out for folks to check in.  You guys are rocking this!


Happy to say that I am starting to feel some extra energy - after a few days of yawning and wanting to nap before noon, that's very encouraging to me.


Had to go to a bridal shower on the weekend so decided to arrive fashionably late and that meant that I missed alot of the food - mission accomplished.  Next time I'll bring my own water  - still puzzled that I couldn't even get a darn glass of water!  Ah well - it was no big deal.  I looked at the cake and had no interest (mind you, it looked like a Costco cake and I've walked away from them before!).


LexyBelle, I happened to fall onto the scale on the weekend too - now it's hidden.  And while I don't want 3 numbers to make me happy - they did  -_-  From a learning perspective,  It did remind how much I want to get away from the scale dictating how I feel about myself and my progress.


My aha moments


- the only 'cravings' I have had immediately followed a stressful incident.  Both times, I found another focus to get past that feeling

- breakfast is getting easier to eat and I am eating earlier everyday - still not within an hour of getting up, but within 2 - huge progress for me who could often skip breakfast completely

- you are all a fab support team - so glad we're staying in touch


Have a great day everyone!  Oh and I with y'all on that wine toast on Day 31!!



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Hi Ladies!  Day 9 and I'm going strong.  Yesterday was probably my toughest food day yet.  I wasn't so much hungry or craving anything specific, but I was super munchy.  I had a few carrots for some crunch but managed to stick to my meals.  I was also exhausted by 3 and dozed off on my daughter's bed while my kids played around me :) 


I've had some good luck wiith recipe experimentation.  I was a vegetarian for 20 years but over the last 1+yr I've reintroduced fish/shellfish and just recently chicken and turkey.  It tastes great and I love having more menu options, but I have to admit I'm still weirded out that I'm no longer the person I identified as for so long.  I originally went veg. for moral reasons, and while I still struggle greatly with that I'm coming to terms with the notion that my own health shouldn't be compromised.  I'm trying to find a happy medium.


The comments made about Trader Joe's really stood out....I LOVE all things pumpkin spice and I can imagine it would be really hard walking through there.  And I need a few things so I think I'm going to send my husband!


And the scale....I have to admit that was the only cheat I've had on my previous Whole 30's.  I just couldn't resist and at the time didn't see why it was a problem.  I was motivated by the pounds dropping off and thought I was still aware of the other benefits.  But this time around I was forced to comply; my scale died on me so I don't even know for sure how much I weighed at the beginning and I can't check now.  Funny thing is that this is the best I think I've felt on any Whole 30 and I love that I'm only able to guage increased energy, better sleep, much better mood and mood regulation, reduced cravings, etc.  And while I know I've lost some weight that isn't what I'm most excited about.  So I guess I should have been following ALL of the rules all along. 


Now if only I could motivate myself to get to the gym...that's my next hurdle.  My back is still on the mend, so I'm aiming for next week.  Wish me luck!



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It's great to read everyone's updates.  


Chaf, thanks for keeping track of the group.  I cannot stress how helpful this forum is to me.


Lexybelle, thanks to you checking in from Dubai this process seems rather exotic.  I love it!


Kat, nice strategy for the bridal shower.  


So, I haven't weighed myself but sadly, boobs seem a little smaller.   Damn it!  Why are they always the first to go when I lose a few pounds?!  But, the good news is... I must have lost a few pounds. 

This is where I am hitting some trouble.   Lunch.   Seems I get busy mid day and I find myself eating a big salad (with protein and some fat) anywhere between 2:00pm-3:30.   I think the stretch between meals is getting longer as I get more comfortable with this.   That's usually when things break down for me when I am trying to clean up my eating because I let too much time pass, get really hungry and then grab something quick.    I know an important part of W30 is to sit and enjoy meals without distraction so I need to adjust a few things to get back to that program before I grab something noncompliant because I am famished and unprepared.


Otherwise, energy is great, mood is great and I am going to embrace smaller boobs.  On to day 10... 




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Morning!  Hope you are all well.  I do love reading everyone's updates.


Had a bad food day yesterday, didn't get lunch so grabbed fruit on the run.  Was then really hungry at dinner time and ate too much, which resulted in an upset tummy.    :(


Tummy is still not perfect today, but my temper is vastly improved and I am almost, almost beginning to think this might be worth it!  I had pretty much convinced myself yesterday that it wasn't working and I was actually harming myself etc etc....


I have to go out to dinner tomorrow night which was unexpected so I hadn't given eating out much thought.  So I need to check out the restaurant and see what I can find on the menu that might be possible.  


Have a great day

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Good morning ladies (or evening for those overseas)!


I hear you about the boobs, Kelly.  Usually after a while they sort of...even out with the bod, I guess, but initially it's a sad time, I agree.  At least you've got evidence thus far.  I'm still fighting the scale urge.


Lucinda, any decent restaurant would be able to give you a nice protein with steamed veggies, or you can alter a menu salad. Don't worry and just go off-menu.


I think Chaf's Tiger Blood has kicked in.  You're sounding pretty take-on-the-worldish there, lady.


Kat is eating breakfast! That's awesome and important.  Good for you.


So my parents came by for dinner last night and my mom brought many challenges: pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting.  A lot of them. There's just sitting in my kitchen.  Ugh.  Watching her drink wine was slightly painful as well, AND she invited my daughter and me on a last-minute trip to Montreal in two weeks - BEFORE I finish my Whole30.  I'll be on Day 24.  I know I could stay on plan with lot of careful thought and restraint, but I'm not sure if I want to.  My hubby (who is doing a kick-butt job doing this with me) now has to go to Britain for a week on Day 20; I can't imagine he'll be staying on plan after that.  So take a break and restart in Jan (staying mostly on plan over the holidays)? Or just power through all the events and getaways on plan?  I don't know what to do...

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Hi ladies,


Thanks for the well-wishes for my stepmom - she is hanging in there, but probably not too much longer. She's a tough cookie. 

Speaking of cookies, I've resisted and stayed on whole30 and am very glad I haven't had a chance to step on a scale! Yep, that could easily be my one big cheat on the program, but I am scared I'd be disappointed and then give up the whole thing, despite all of the other benefits I'm seeing and feeling.


Salad and chicken...eggs...avacados...carrots...broccoli....tilapia....bananas....almonds....these are my staples and I'm going to visit the recipe forum today for more ideas on how to jazz up the chicken and eggs especially!


Yesterday and today, my trips to the bathroom have been...interesting. Something in there is definitely changing. I make no judgments - it's just different.


As always, so glad to see how you all are doing! Yes - reading labels is fascinating from this perspective and I've resisted the latest temptation brought (with goodwill) to my stepmom's room: apple butter donuts - fresh baked from just a few miles away. My dad loves them. I love them. I leaned over and took a deep inhale and walked away.


So glad to have this forum to check into - it helps me to feel accountable, and part of a team - even as spread out geographically as we are! Lexy - wow! What an amazing adventure you are having!



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Hello everyone! I found your forum after mine went kaput over the weekend... I started my w30 on 9/21 and today marks the 10 day anniversary. 1/3 of it is done and it wasn't that hard. I actually think the w30 has you eating like royalty for every meal! The breakfasts are my favorite part, what a treat! Homemade breakfast sausage? Sign me up! Yummy sweet potato + brussel sprout hash with fried eggs? Yes please! And I absolutely love my morning coffee with coconut milk... It gives it such a depth of flavor! I think I have mastered the rules and have even successfully ventured out to eat a couple of times. 


So far, these are the things I've noticed:


1. A flat stomach! My pants are no longer digging in under belly button and I've noticed a better fit when I wore a pair of shorts I hadn't worn in a few weeks


2. Steady levels of energy throughout the day: I usually had a few strategies to curb the 3 PM wall (coffee, a sweet snack, cleaning up my office...) and I now feel like I can evenly power through the entire afternoon. This is so far a valuable lesson for me, as I've felt that my productivity at work has increased by my renewed ability to stay focused for longer periods of time.


3. Always knowing what I'm going to eat. Planning and shopping for the week takes the guesswork out of our meals and it feels like it's one less thing I have to worry about. 


4. Despite a rough start (TMI alert), all systems are working in order and regularly. 


5. I am never starving. I do get hungry around meal times, but I'm not turning into that Godzilla-like monster anymore.


6. It is scary to read all the things that go into foods that seem harmless. EVERYTHING is laced with chemicals! MSG is EVERYWHERE. This is valuable lesson #2: I really didn't know what I was putting into my body until I started scrutinizing labels. SCARY.


Hope you all are going strong!



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