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Starting Mon Sept 22


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1/3 of the way down.   On one hand, it's hard to believe it's already been 10 days since our start and on the other hand, it's hard to believe we still have 20 more days to go!   


Sarah- wow!  major will power to be able to say "no" to the pumpkin bars with cream chs frosting.   Huge weakness for me!  That's a tough choice regarding the trip to Montreal.   I don't know that I would stay 100% compliant while on vacation but... if you can stay 90% compliant, I am sure you're results will be fantastic!   Though I know that's not the spirit of W30.   You have some time to decide.


Welcome K!  I agree the food is so tasty.  I made the Chocolate Chili at W30 compliant recipe from Well Fed and I honestly felt like I was cheating because it taste so yummy!  Kids and husband loved ti!


Sam- so glad you have been able to resist the treats from well-wishers for your step-mom!  


This is the longest stretch I can remember that I have gone without sugar of any sort and/or chocolate.   I usually treat myself at the end of the day with a square of dark chocolate and cup of tea.   Just my little reward at the end of a long day.   I really crave it after dinner but I continue to deflect the cravings with a few grapes or berries and I remind myself, it's only 30 days.   I can do this.   It's not battling ebola or living in a city under siege like in Syria.  It's just dark chocolate and it's temporary.  Of course, for me, sweets are a coping mechanism...  but I can do other things to deal with the stress.   i don't have to turn to my comfort food.   I can turn to the forum and write.

More tomorrow!



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Sorry for not checking in for a few days, things have been busy.  The mayo on Sunday turned out OK.. not great, but not terrible.  I'm not sure if I'll try it again or not.  I didn't really like the egg salad I made with it.


The cool thing was that I had a Dr. appointment on Tuesday night.  She actually knew what the Whole30 was, and was very supportive.  The bad thing is I had to get on the scale as part of the appointment.  It's not really breaking a rule if you don't have a choice, right?  I haven't been back on since, so I'm not obsessing.


I'm really looking forward to the tiger blood phase.  It seems like I have so much going on all the time that I'm always tired.  But, I've been getting my exercise in, and doing well sticking with my plans.  So, I'll count that as a success.  The big thing is that I'll be traveling right before the end of the 30 days.  THAT will be a huge challenge for me.  We'll be in Dallas for 4 days, and I am not sure how I'll be able to find compliant food.  Any ideas?



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Hi friends,


Yesterday was a tough day.  I felt terrible (headache, irritable, etc.) and my not knowing whether I was going to be able to do all 30 days made my will for this plummet.  Today is MUCH better, although I did the scale.  I needed, emotionally, to cheat, and that's the non-cal way to do it.  It was okay, but made me more resolved to balance properly.


I'm not going to Montreal so I can recommit to my W30 without worry.  A lovely offer, but with all that's going on it's like trying to fit a square peg in a round whole. No good for anyone.


I spent the morning researching recipes and planning, and am much more excited again. I feel like I'm cooking all the time, yet we're always out of food. This was probably because we've had all 4 kids here (2 are my stepkids and only here half the time), hubby's family this weekend, my family on Tuesday, and I'm cooking, cooking, cooking. Then my mom leaves those damn pumpkin bars here and I have to look at them the entire time. (Still haven't had any!)


Upcoming menu items: Bora Bora Fireballs, Plantain Nachos, Bacon-Jalapeno Burger Balls, Paleo ChicFilA Nuggets, and The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat, all accompanied by Kickass Ketchup, Awesome Sauce and my homemade mayo.


Kelly - I feel the same as you.  It's already been 10 days / it's only been 10 days.  I feel like it's been forever since I had a glass of wine or piece of cheese but lots of non-weirdos like us go that long without either on a regular basis.


Renee, I wasn't impressed when I initially made the mayo, but then I put in a lot more lemon juice and chives.  Made all the difference and now it's out at many, many meals.  Maybe it just needs some doctoring.


K - Welcome!  Sounds like you've adapted like a star.


This was all about me - sorry, lovelies. I've gone to a new yoga class twice this week (thanks to Lexy) and he ends each class with this gem:  "If you're okay with everything, everything will be okay."

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Ladies, I just had to share yesterday's find.  I've been making the paleo mayo for about a year now and love it (I use the recipe from Clothes Make the Girl), I use it for egg salad, tuna salad, dipping sauces for veggies, but I hadn't altered it.  Until last night.  I was really wanting a salad dressing other than vinegar and olive oil, so I did a quick search for spices to make ranch dressing.  I checked with this site http://fedandfit.com/2014/03/27/5-ingredient-paleo-ranch-dressing/ and although I didn't stick with the proportions perfectly I was sold.  Who knew that a little dill and garlic powder would rock my world?  Does anyone else have some simple ideas that they've discovered? 

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Hello fellow Whole30ers! Wow we are really doing this. It's so nice to come to the forum and read how everyone's doing. I am not a big blogger but I have really enjoyed being a part of this team.

Sarah, you should do what feels right to you. But if you are asking my opinion, I say stick with it. Who knows, by Day 24 you could be coasting through it. You may not feel like you are giving up anything at that point. And if by chance you choose to indulge then atleast you'll know you can make it through 24 days. You'll have an advantage the next go around.

Jennifer, here's a great simple crab salad Ive made twice ready. It may look like mush but is definitely 5 star yummy:


Renee, are you worried about eating out a lot when you go to Dallas? You should still be able to find compliant food...I've notice when I eat out I can recreate a dish on the menu if nothing else works. I'll ask politely if they could minus this or add that. So far, I haven't had any problems.

I know life is busy enough as it is...then we add W30 and it should be chaos right?!! Oddly enough, I feel like the W30 is what's holding me together. Ive been able to think clearer and get more things done in the last week and a half than I did all of last month. I maybe a head a few days and in the "tigers blood" stage??! I don't know what it is but I like it! Don't give up everyone, good things are coming and if we hang in there it'll all be worth it

Wishing you all the best!

- Chaffee

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Must make the mayo.  I realize I don't really use mayo often so I haven't been inclined to make it yet but...  the crab salad Chaffee recommended looks so scrumptious and easy.   So, I am making the mayo.   We are having a bit of a heat wave in California right now so something light and cool like crab is appealing.  


Resisting the sugar is getting easier and almost a habit not to eat it.    I made chocolate chip cookies for a bake sale today and I didn't even taste a smidgen of the batter.  


At times, I wonder if I should cut out some of the daily fat and fruit servings ( though staying with the recommended amounts) to get faster results but then there is a part of me that just really wants to stay completely true to the Whole30 premise and just see what happens.  What will happen, how will I look and feel if I actually completely stay on the program for 30 days?  That curiosity is enough right now to keep me on track.   


Chaffee, I also feel like being on W30 has provided my life with some much needed structure.  I seem to be more productive and have more time to cook meals etc... Even though we are plowing through the food, and I seem to make a stop at the market nearly everyday, I have guidelines around what I am going to cook and eat and I feel more in control. 


Sarah, I'm interested in the best chicken you will ever eat recipe and the plaintain nachos.  Your meals sound really fun!  Are recipes from It Starts With Food?  


Happy Friday everyone!



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Hello!  It's Lucinda, I changed my name as I discovered someone I know uses this site and whilst there isn't much on here it was still tmi.


Anyway, had a good dinner out last night.  I can't be certain if I was 100% compliant because I was in a situation where I just couldn't start making a fuss or questioning the waiting staff.  Anyway I had a pork terrine to start, roast duck with steamed vegetable for my main course and a cup of black tea to finish.  I must be totally in the zone because I didn't even consider the desert menu and I love fancy restaurant deserts.


Am feeling sooooo much better than I was a week ago.  Much clearer headed - bit tired today but that is as a result of late bed last night rather then not being well.


Am getting very hungry looking all the recipes you are talking about!  Will try them after my 30 days are up  :(  :D

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I was wondering who that new Tevenie creature was.  Look at you, Lucinda, under the radar.  Smart girl.  Way to manage the restaurant scene.


I made the Bacon Jalapeno Burger Balls last night - HUGE hit with all parties.  That and almost everything I'm feverishly printing off are either from clothesmakethegirl or Nom Nom Paleo.  I also made homemade ketchup and the Awesome Sauce is indeed awesome.  My mayo batch this morning, however, was a complete failure. I wonder if it's because I had to use part EVOO and not all light (ran out).  It was totally liquid and not at all mayo-y. I'll need to try jreneeca's mayo recipe and then Chaffee's crab salad.


On another note, there is a really interesting TedTalk about the science of weight loss.  Where does the fat go?

Go to youtube and search "Ruben Meerman." I can't copy the link for some reason.


Have a great day everyone!

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Good morning.   Hi Tevenie!  Love the stealth moniker.  Quick one...


Noticing that I volunteer for a lot of food-related activities with the kid's schools and team sports etc...  Today I work in the garden for a Farmer's Market at the elementary school.  Sounds safe right?  Oh but, it's not.   I signed up to help at the pizza oven!  Of course this was pre- W30 but, I do seem to end up baking a lot for Bake Sales and providing the snack for the team etc... So, I'm gonna change that habit.   They can always use a hand in the school library or timers at the swim meets, or classroom help etc...  Why not it easier for myself to be successful with my health and fitness goals??!!  Novel idea...


Look forward to the TedTalk Sarah cause I often wonder, " where does the fat go?"  hmmmm gonna find out soon huh!


Have a beautiful day!

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I had to double count the days today - Day 12!  Today's the first day I've been really hungry - not sure why...  I've eaten quite substantial meals with extra veggies.  Extra veggies - who knew I would ever say THAT phrase!


Anyway, eyeing a nice steak on the BBQ tonight (and lots of veg), so maybe that will finally fill me up.


Anyone have any challenges coming up this weekend?  I think I am staying close to home - seems I need to shop and cook some more though!  I got Well Fed 2 this week and am eager to try some new recipes.


Great job everyone!  We're doing this!



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Wayhey!  Morning everyone, what a beautiful day!  Brussels Sprouts for breakfast - who knew that would EVER happen?


@ Kellygirl - that can be a disaster - I used to make cupcakes which I sold at a Farmers' market - and when I started to try and give up gluten I found it a nightmare - people asking can you just make this or can you just make that - and of course I ate what I made...  I gave up doing that all together.


@Kat - I am really beginning to notice the rhythms of my eating and that that stressy days are the hungry days for me.  I have had a very stressful week at work and eaten loads of fruit - I was ever craving Coke at one point and I haven't had Coke for years and years.  Hope your steak hit the spot!


@Sarah - do you know how to get mayo back if it curdles and doesn't 'come together'?  Sorry if you do, but if you don't - you get another egg yolk and pour the liquidy mayo very very slowly into the egg yolk whilst beating it as if you life depended on it.  It will usually re-emulsify that way.  But I learnt how to do it by hand a million years ago when the packaged stuff didn't exist lol


I have my mother coming to stay for the weekend so I am trying to plan a menu that is autoimmune compliant without it being particularly obvious, (not that it would bother her, she believes gluten is the devil incarnate) so she is getting mini homemade beefburgers tonight with loads of salad and sweet potato fries.  I might just have to give her eggs on Sunday morning even though I can't have them - I am not sure how to deal with that one?


We are going out for lunch on Sunday and I will do a Shepherd's pie with celeriac mash for Sunday evening or Monday evening.


Right, I need to go shopping (food shopping is endless these days!) Hope you all have great days! xxx

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Greetings W30 Friends,


Almost the halfway mark.  Whoo Hoo!   Can hardly believe it!  I think a little non-edible-reward is in order for all of us!  I'm thinking about a new pair of cross-trainers to inspire me to kick up the workouts these next two weeks now that my energy level is higher.


Had a close call today.  I almost broke down and had a frozen nondairy dessert today.  It was 100 degrees at my daughter's swim meet and the chopped chicken / veggie salad I brought for lunch wasn't all that tasty. Then I imagined having to share with you I had a non W30 dessert and I just couldn't do it.  I didn't want to do it.   So glad I took a few minutes to think about the consequences before I went for it.   Temptations are getting few and far between fortunately.  


Tevenie- I threw some left over sautéed brussels spouts in my breakfast eggs the other day ( along with some mushrooms) and what a tasty dish indeed! 


Chaf- thank you for the great recipes you have shared from Nom Nom Paleo.   Have been reading her blog and will try a few dishes this week.   Love Well Fed recipes also. 


We have made it this far... there no stopping us now!


Have a great Sunday and day 14!


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Hi everyone,

I hope you all are well. I'm afraid my week got the better of me and everything has collapsed into a heap of cheesy fries. To cut a long story short it started with 3 days of nasty stomach bug where in ended up in urgent care getting a bag of fluids IV, then my dog died, so far my only weakness was the toast I'd eaten when sick- always a go to food when sick., then I went back on night shifts and was barely sleeping and to top it all off I broke up with my boyfriend.

I realise all of this is pretty trivial in comparison to what some people cope with everyday but for me everything combined was enough to floor me.

Yes I'm upset I gave in when everything go too much, but life's too short to punish myself so I'll start back with day 1 again tomorrow.

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Lexybelle, my gosh...how are you holding up? So sorry to hear about your troubles, it sounds like you've had a rough few days. If it makes you feel any better, we will hold off on our celebratory toast until you make it to day 31 :). We are a team and we leave no one behind! Hang in there, things will start to look up!!

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Lexybelle-  We are here for you!   I love your response Chaf.  All for one and one for all!    All the challenges you have faced this week are hardly trivial.  It's fantastic that you shared it with us and you are resolved to continue with W30!   It's the recovery that counts, not what happens in between.   


K- That butternut soup recipe looks so yummy!  Still really hot here in CA so I haven't been making much soup.   Did roast an acorn squash for after workout snack.   I was feeling muscle fatigue during and after my workouts so stepping up the dense carbs like sweet potatoes and squash on workout days.   

Anyone have good post and pre workout snack suggestions ?


So halfway mark.   I am noticing results.  Not dramatic results but results I like.  More energy, more patience with kiddos, skin is clear, mind is clearer and best of all... I am NOT craving sugar!!!   Nutella does not temp me at all anymore.  Not sure if you recall at the beginning of this journey I had a knock-down-drag-out battle with a nutella knife used to spread my daughter's toast.   I did not lick it but damn, it was tough.   Not any more.   Not event tempted!   Whooo hooo!  That is the measure of success in my book.


Curious what changes you all might be seeing??  


Ready for Part 2 of this journey...


Have a great day!



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Lexybelle,  I am so sorry you're having such a rough time!  But, congratulations for picking yourself up and getting back on track.  And, for coming here for support.  That's exactly what this group is for!


I'm so excited to see the halfway point!!  I'm finally getting some more energy, and my MIL asked me yesterday if I was losing weight.  Both wonderful things!   But, I'll take the energy any day.  It's so nice to be able to tackle my todo list every day and not have to plan it out in order to ration my energy.  I could definitely get used to this!!!

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Oh Lexybelle, I am  so sorry for everything that has happened to you for the last few days.  I know it can't be any consolation but I too am back to square one.  I had four MRIs in a row this morning, and although I am not generally claustrophobic nearly two hours inside that damned machine was too much and I fainted at the end of it.  They made me stay in the centre on a trolley until I had recovered sufficiently to go home.  Unfortunately that meant biscuits and tea and then a sandwich before they would let me go.


I am going to keep going until the end of the 30 days and then start a new 30 as soon as I am back from my long weekend in Rome at the beginning of November,


Possibly far TMI but I have quite an upset tummy this evening - is is stress or the wheat/sugar/dairy combo.  I don't know.

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You guys are great! Thanks for the support!

I'm feeling much better, picked myself up dusted off my troubles and refuse to let it all drag me down. My dad and his girl friend are coming to visit soon so that's giving me a really big boost to know I will have some daddy time lol! Yes I'm 33 yrs old but I'm a proper daddy's girl lol! I'm gonna stick to it 100% til then, and while they are here I'll continue to avoid bread, sugar, legumes but while they visit i will allow a little alcohol and dairy. My original plan was it have it complete before they arrive but I'll have done 11 days and 15 days. And I'll start a new 30 days when they leave.

Tevenie sorry to hear about your drama yesterday sounds pretty traumatic. I've had horrible bloating and other general yuck feeling since falling off the wagon so I know for sure something is not good for me.

Count me In for a new whole30 in November!

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Lexybelle - yes, I was quite shaky last night - it could just have been the after effects of the adrenalin or the dye that was injected into me or the gluten and sugar - I don't know.  But I will be avoiding those things again.


So now I have a Whole 14 and then a new and improved Whole 30 in November.  To be honest I was feeling so good I was thinking of extending it any way so it looks like that decision got taken out of my hands.   :)

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Hi ladies,


Wow!  Lexy and Tevenie/L, you poor girls!  I suppose that's a good reminder that life doesn't tend to adhere to our plans and we need to stick it through anyway, at least most of the time. Way to recover and have great attitudes, both of you.  Lexy, I'm so sorry about your puppy. The boyfriend - you probably didn't need him anyway.  Men.


I gave into the scale again - still only X (not double digits, mind you), but feeling good.  My hubby has lost 11  lbs. (but he indeed has more to lose).  I feel good, mood-stable, patient with the urchins and all that, but not...tiger-bloodish.  I feel mostly like I did before (which was pretty good) just more stable.  We feel we've made the mental change in what we WANT to eat and rarely crave anything anymore. Last night I got chips and French onion dip for the kids to eat with our burgers, and had a moment of temptation with the dip - and then I read the ingredients list.  Ew.  No. Easy to say no to most ingredients lists, isn't it? The potato chips list was just white potatoes, oil, salt.  Much more tempting but those were easy to resist too. 


We have a wedding this weekend and have made the decision to let ourselves have wine then. Since it's our predetermined choice, and we're not going to get schnockered or anything, I am not considering this a cheat. A less-than-perfect W30,  yes, but we're sticking with the food through the end and generally beyond. Each W30 brings us to a better place, and this is definitely doing so. 


Yoga today (thanks again, Lexy!) and starting weights.


Two links:

A good article about calories, food, exercise from my club



and this trailer, *alert* filled with profanity, but funny and very applicable to what we're doing



Cheers, ladies!


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Lexy - hardly trivial!  You've dealt with layers of stressors and frankly that's the worst scenario for me.  Multiple unexpected stresses messes with my brain and body.  Hang in there - hope things are better today.


Tevenie - 2 hours in an MRI...  gosh - no wonder you fainted.  I never knew how claustrophobic I was until I had to have an MRI....  it's very stressful.


I'm still very new to WHole30 but I have to think that these are the experiences we learn from - we know what 14 days feels like and how to best schedule the next Whole30 or Whole 14 or Whole45.  


Thank you both for sharing and I hope today just an awesome day for both of you (and everyone else!)



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Hi Ladies,


Tevenie, I hope that he MRI's come out looking good.  I have had several and even 20 minutes is hard to take so I don't know how you managed!


Melissa Hartwig has an excellent video on YouTube that talks about how it's not the sugar addiction that causes us to eat is it's the stress that causes us to eat sugar that leads to more stress that leads to more sugar and so on... we have all done that dance I'm sure.  Stress is really the thing we have to learn to cope with effectively in order to be able to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.   That's a toughie though.   


I think this is day 16 for me!   I am feeling really good.   Kids are supporting me by reminding me that I can't have any sugar so don't even try to take a lick of their ice cream cones.   


I do feel I can be more aware of my portion sizes.   Yes, what I am eating is W30 compliant but, the palm size serving of protein has grown to hand size and I am piling on the veggies and snacking a bit more.   Again, snacks are compliant but I would love to cut the snack habit on days I don't work out.   So still a process and tweaks to be tried but overall have been doing well and feeling really good.


Wishing you all a stress-free or at least a low-stress day!


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