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How to avoid too much sodium while traveling?


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I'm on day 7 of my first whole 30.  I'm also on day one of a 30 day business trip.  I'm staying at a hotel with a kitchenette (microwave, fridge, two burner stove but no oven).  Today I stocked up on provisions at Whole Foods to make my meals.  I had planned on relying on compliant deli meat/sausages and veggies with guac as my lunches, but today I feel like I'm on a sodium overload.  It seems like the deli meat and the pre-made guac (wholly guacamole) is likely the culprit.


When traveling how does everyone monitor and balance their sodium intake while still enjoying flavorful meals?


I got myself some ground beef, mushrooms, carrots and other fruits and veggies to cook dinners and I'm going to try to make extra to have leftovers for lunch but I can tell that the sodium is going to be a challenge for me when I need something quick and still compliant. 

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