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Day 19. May be doing something wrong?


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I'm having trouble falling asleep.  I'm constipated.  Hot flashes are back. I'm cranky and have brain fog.

I felt better during the first week!  High energy.  Clearer thinking. etc.

Could I be doing something wrong?

How do my recommended supplements/vitamins play a part during the Whole30?

Thank you.

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You'll get better feedback about your specific situation if you list a few days' worth of food, water consumption, activity level, sleep patterns, and anything else that might be relevant. People may see things you can tweak to help.


Things that might have some bearing on this, based on what I've read from other people posting on the forum: Are you eating at least one starchy veggie every day, more if you're active? If not, that might help. Are you drinking plenty of water -- 1/2 oz per pound you weigh, so if you weigh 100 lbs, 50 oz? Magnesium can help with constipation -- Natural Calm, the plain flavored one, is W30 compliant, or you can try soaking in a bath with epsom salts (which might also be a nice way to relax and help you fall asleep). 


That said, it is a 30-day program, not a 19-day program, and some people take the full 30 days to really see a difference. Some people find they take even longer.

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