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Mad Greens


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A friend invited me to lunch at Mad Greens.  They have a really amazing menu that allows one to select all of their allergens and preferences and it returns menus choices.


So, I entered W30 restrictions and got a nice list.  I noticed that it excluded avocado even though I didn't.  That makes me wonder how well the little menu works.


Our location is really loud, so conversations with the staff will be a challenge for me.  I'll probably call ahead, but I'm curious about the avocado and it's ingredients.  (I can choose olive oil or olives for my fat.)  Anyone care to take a look and chime in?


My menu:





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So, after playing with the menu a bit and calling the local Mad Greens, it seems as though a lot of ingredients were excluded for citric acid.  At the restaurant, the girl told me that they dip avocado in lemon juice to preserve the color.


So, the new question: are there sulfites in lemon juice and citric acid?  A friend who goes to Md Greens is avoiding citric acid for IC and now I am wondering if she should be avoiding sulfites and if I should be avoiding citric acid.


I appreciate any insight.

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The lemon juice I use from a bottle when I'm lazy (Sicilia) contains sulfur dioxide as its preservative.  This is a closely related oxide but not a sulfite.


It is also not absurd to think that a place that takes such care to isolate ingredients might use fresh lemons.

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