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leahcarn FODMAP reintroduction log


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M2: frittata

snack: paleo brownie, coconut milk with crushed nuts (almonds etc)

M3: pumpkin, beef, carrots, parsnip spinach


When I list my dinners by ingredient they all sound so similar, but they are really different and exciting, honest!


Snacking is a problem - I actually was hungry, but I was saving my boiled eggs for the weekend, and I tend to think tinned fish is expensive so save it for post-workout/emergencies. I need to fill my cupboard with better snack food I feel ok about eating.


On an unrelated note, I will be testing energy ball recipes this weekend

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M3: leftover pumpkin chili, roast veges and spinach.

Snacks: another boiled egg, petrol station junk food (sugar, dairy, soy)

Note to self: staying up till midnight requires a Meal4. Driving long distances at night requires carrot sticks.

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M2: paleo pancakes

Snack: various energy balls

M3: fish and chips, chocolate ice cream.

It felt good to be able to not worry about what to have for dinner, and I know tomorrow I will be reminded exactly why I am normally so controlled. I need to get good food to fit around my life, and eating piles of high fodmap food the day before a competition is not the way to do that. I love my body. I love that I can do sport, and go tramping now. I need to plan a celebratory tramp sometime soon, and start giving myself nourishing food again

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