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Day 7 but my first day on the Forum


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Hello All, This is my second Whole30 and I've found my first 6 days fairly easy.

Day 4 I went out with a friend to a crepe cafe and she had a giant one covered with strawberry, chocolate and cream goo. I had black coffee, very proud of myself for resisting.


This weekend I made a black forest gateaux for my husband and family and that was hard work, I nearly licked the spoon twice!(resisted) and almost inhaled/snorted the chocolate flake I had sprinkled over the top. Got through that hurdle!!


This whole30 and many more to follow are to keep my Sugar Dragon in check (might need to extend to a Whole60!!). I don't need to lose alot of weight although I know I will.


I didn't exercise the last time, I don't have an exercise routine, I walk from my car into work 5 days a week which is roughly 2 miles total daily and that's it.

I'm going to get my Hoop out this week and start with 10 minutes a day then once I'm into practising tricks again I will easily achieve 30 minutes but it's starting and maintaining it that's going to be difficult.

When I get in from work there are so many things and people who want my attention. Working on a plan now!

Next week I intend to lift heavy things twice a week.


I also have two lots of serious major surgery ahead of me in the new year and I want to be at my best to aid recovery.

So, busy busy busy!! Best get on with it then :)


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Hi Samantha1237!  Congrats on a second round with Whole 30. Sounds like you're doing a good job resisting temptation!  I do a lot of baking and it ain't easy not to lick the spoon :lol:   I give you a lot of credit especially for being in the early stages.  I've done my best to avoid baking this time around but will have to do some this weekend.  My only trick so far is I make things I don't love.  But old habits are hard to break especially when you like to test batter or frosting...or snort chocolate, lol.  The sugar dragon is a big villain for me.  I officially decided today I will extend my 30 days into at least 45 but hopefully 60.  Good luck on adding in some exercise.  For me it's a big stress relief and helps me keep a routine.  Sounds like it'll be an added benefit for you to prepare for upcoming surgeries...that's tough. But like you mentioned it will expedite recovery. Good luck to you!!

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