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W30 X 2 (Nuts and personal performance)


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I finished my second W30 last week (they were back to back w the exception of reintroduction and a 'special meal').  The first W30 I lost inches and weight, second W30 lost 2 inches not weight and that is ok (I say with partial belief).  But, now I'm going to 'ride my own bike' and have a question.  


I have been eating nuts but occasionally too much (maybe a cup at a time - to finish a meal off, which would technically be like a dessert/snack).  Is this bad?  I think nuts may be my sugar demon.


I know I want to lose a couple of inches, so could this be slowing things down.  Not sure...


As a side note, I am a 50 years old woman who has been doing crossfit for several years (3 X per week) to keep active and stay healthy. My trainer and I were working on a 10 week strength program to see the improvement of my one max rep over the 10 weeks.  


The 10 week program started around the same time I began my first W30.  I did my max rep at that time to have a base point.  This week is week 10  - where I see what my max reps are now.  We did back squats today and my max rep went up by 25 lbs!


I am very excited about that and I must say that the 'tiger blood' did pay off.  I can back squat 180lbs  - can't wait to see what my bench press will be on Wednesday:)


The W30 definitely helped me with the added energy and the mentality of being able to accomplish something that's difficult!  


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You are correct that the nuts can absolutely be your sugar dragon. I have battled this in the past, and I can tell you the sooner you can conquer it, the better. Generally, 1/4 cup of nuts has 200+ calories, so you are easily adding 1000 calories to your day each time you do this. You would be MUCH better served by adding more protein, fat, and veggies to your meals. Even adding in a mini-meal, if you feel like you need more calories overall, would be better than using big quantities of nuts as a dessert.

Please know that I DO know how difficult this can be -- but I am proof that it CAN be done. :) And hey, congrats on your weights!!!

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Posted 03 September 2014 - 08:28 AM

Ideally you would not snack at all because you are eating enough at your meals to keep you satisfied. You could drink a cup of herbal tea if you need to do something with your mouth.


A better portable snack would be a can of tuna and some raw baby-cut carrots. Snacking on nuts, nut butters, or fruit is generally counter-productive to weight loss and a bad habit. 

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Nuts are a tasty little treat. And that's exactly the category I've had to consign them to, unfortunately - treat. I can't have them in the house, as it starts so innocently with a couple after dinner here, a small handful as my fat there, and before you know it, I'm a little stressed/anxious about something and I'm eating 3 handfuls after a huge dinner.


You'd think the fact they make me bloated would be a deterrent, but they're tasty little beggars and I just can't stay away.


You've still lost inches while eating them a little too frequently, so what have you got to lose by dropping them from the rotation for another month to break that habit? If it makes no difference to your weight, you can play with working them back in in a more psychologically healthy way.


Also, that's an amazing squat!

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I feel you with nuts.  I don't typically eat much of them but we do have them in the house for a quick snack.  I have been eating them more (I'm on day 9) and I know it's filling that void of snacking, which for me is right after work, before I make dinner.  I do want to lose weight, so I need to cut them out.

As for your 1 rep max, that is fantastic!  I will no longer do CF after two separate back injuries but I loved the metrics of it all.  Good for you!!

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