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Day 1 of my first 30 days


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Hi everyone,

I'm Heidi and I'm new..

I'm excited..

I'm doing this because I need to find out what is causing the psoriasis on my my hands that's I've had for years..

Also I gave up wheat and most grains 80% of the time since last Christmas, but now want to clean up my diet even more.. I've lost 67 pounds, but due to some recent stress have put about 15 pounds back on.. and I DO NOT LIKE THAT!!! I mean I wasn't even done losing weight! So.. now I have about 50-60 more pounds to lose.. fortunately the program I've been on is a good one which has helped me to maintain my lean muscle.. but, I just want to delve deep now and get to the reasons as to why I have such issues with food..

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